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Children's Book About outer SpaceIf we were to listen to those infamous words of Captain Kirk, we would have to agree that space is indeed the “final frontier.” Since man took his first step on the moon in 1969, he has been trying to go beyond the reaches of the moon. Our technology is getting close, but we are still not there yet.

Outer Space Scientists believe space has been around for about 4.6 billion years – that’s a long time – and we have learned a lot about this frontier. We know for a fact that we have eight planets in the solar system (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune). We have also learned just recently that Pluto is no longer a planet, but rather a dwarf planet. We know that we have one big sun, a moon and very specific features about each of the listed planets.
But again, do we really know what lies beyond? Could there be more out there?

Comet Coming from Space falling Somewhere

If you are a science fiction fan, you probably would love to think there is more to space then what has met the Scientists’ eyes. Wouldn’t we all? Space is definitely a wonder to behold and to think about – aside from those creepy aliens the movies want us to believe are roaming the solar system. Since we don’t really known what is beyond, let’s take a look at our planetary system.

Meterorite falling in the earthAll the planets in our solar system are unique. Earth is the only one that provides the right conditions for human and plant life. However, there has been a recent discovery of another earth-like planet just beyond our solar system. Called Kepler 62f, it was found in the Lyra constellation and is about 1.4 times the size of earth. It also orbits a sun-like star and receives about as much heat and radiation as we do, plus it circles its “sun” in 267 earth days.

The Earth And The moonAs far as the hottest planet up there, Venus takes the prize at blazing temperatures of 450 degrees Celsius and it spins backwards. Jupiter is the largest planet and is made up mostly of gas. It even has rings, but because of the atmosphere around Jupiter, they are not as visible as those around Saturn. Besides being a funny name for kids to say, Uranus actually spins on its side like a barrel. Scientists believe this planet may have been collided into in its earliest forming stages, which most likely knocked it off kilter.

People Looking in a telescopeThere is a lot of debris flying around in space in the form of rocks. Depending on the size of and consistency of the rock they are classified as different objects. For example, comets are usually made up of dust, small rocks and ice. These for the most part will burn up in our atmosphere. Meteorites can be quite large and don’t bun up entirely upon entry. In fact, many of these space rocks have been found – 38,000. These specimens have help scientists get a better understanding of what flies around in space.

Space is fun to study and to witness on a clear starry night. Keep looking up, who knows what you might see.

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