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Interesting Video Book For Kids About Motorcycles

 All About Motorcycles

Children's Book About MotorcyclesLike cars, the motorcycle has gained notability over the years and has now become one of our favorite and economically sound ways to get around. However, the first motorcycle was far from our modern ones. Let’s take a look back in history to see where it all began.

A Classic Big BIkeThe journey of the motorcycle can be traced back to the second half of the 19th century to an improvement made to the safety bicycle. These bicycles had both the front and back wheels of equal size and also incorporated a pedal crank mechanism to the back wheel.

It is not for certain who first invented the motorcycle. Around the time there were many engineers working on the concept; however, it was a blacksmith in Paris named, Pierre Michaux (Michaux and company) who made the first bicycle with pedals called the velocipede. Michaux’s son, Ernest, later went on to add a steam-powered engine to this bicycle in 1867. This was the first step towards our modern-day motorbikes.

An Orange Big MotorcycleIn 1898 the English bicycle maker (Triumph) decided to improve upon the work already done in the motorcycle field and by 1902 they had their first model hit the road. The engine on this motorcycle was Belgium made and was such a hit by 1903 their sales had topped over 500. They continued to gain success and were at one point making 20,000 of these handy vehicles a year.

Group Of Motorcycles Aligned TogetherThe trend spread and by 1920 the American brand we know today as, Harley-Davidson, jumped on the historical bandwagon. The quickly went on to sell more street bikes and were in 67 countries. The rest as they say, is history.

Today motorcycles are a fuel-efficient way to get around and more and more people are enjoying the freedom and open air the motorbike provides. The motorcycle also takes up less room to store and parking is a cinch. In addition, the price of a motorcycle is far less than most cars and trucks. They come in every style, size and color to suit men and women alike.

Honda XL250 Enduro MotorcycleWith the growing earth-conscientious world we live in today, even the motorbike manufacturers are doing their part by introducing the electric motorbike. One top electric bike company by the name of, “Lightning Motorcycles,” is dispelling the adage that electric bikes aren’t fast or reliable. Last year saw this company breaking those opinions with their motorcycle that not only tops speeds of 218 miles-per-hour, but it can also go 100 miles on only $1.20 worth of electricity!

Parts Of A MotorcycleMotorcycles have come a long way from the dangerous steam-powered days and as long as there is people who enjoy the freedom and ease a motorbike provides, companies will continue to make strides to improve this vehicle.

For more information on the history of the motorbike, check out the web, books or visit a motorcycle dealership. Better yet, find someone to take you for a ride on one of these exciting modes of transportation.

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  1. Scarette Johansen January 7, 2014 at 2:36 am

    There are more recorded accidents related to the motorcycles than other vehicles all around the world. Maybe it is due to the fact that it has only two wheels and you need to balance the vehicle to drive it properly. People should wear full safety gears before riding a motorcycle in order for them to be safe along the way wspecially if there are bigger vehicles in the road. This video book page will surely help the children learn more about the world of motorcycles. This page is highly recommendable.

  2. Renee Zillweggar January 8, 2014 at 9:03 am

    I always enjoy while riding a motorcycles from home going to the office and from the office going home and most of all when we going to our province, we really enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful view while riding on it.

  3. Jim Pattersen January 8, 2014 at 9:09 am

    Riding a motorcycle turns your commute into a recreational activity.You can rebuild it if you’re mechanically inclined, you don’t have to do very much body work.

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