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Children's Book About DragonsDragons have been in our folklore for thousands of years. They can come to the rescue of a maiden in distress or take her away to their lair hidden deep inside a mountain or cave. These giant reptiles have adorned the pages of fantasy books and have been made into movies, videos and board games. Where would we be without the world of dragons?

Chinese Dragon Holding on a PoleConsidering the dragon is a mythical being, they are quite complex. Did you know dragons are either Eastern or Western? Dragons have been a huge part of the Chinese culture and are even revered There are nine separate dragons from the east. The are characterized by their long serpent like bodies and their ability to fly among the clouds. They bring happiness, luck, power and wisdom. These dragons can also control the rain, rivers and seas.

Chinese Dragon Holding on The Earth

The year of the dragon in the Chinese culture is the fifth sign and occurs every twelve years. If you are born under the dragon symbol you are fortunate – it is one to be honored and respected!

Western dragons on the other hand are pure evil and are always on the lookout to destroy. They hoard treasure and breathe fire on any who would dare approach them. Their lairs are deep in rocky mountains or caves. Many of these western dragons have been depicted in Viking myths.

Green East Dragon With SpikesDragons are born from large oval eggs that are usually the same coloring as the mother. They are born with tissue paper-like scales that gradually harden into tough as steel protection along their bodies.

Some dragons have large leathery wings that span about 170 feet wide (51.8 meters). These large beings feed on almost anything, their favorite being fair maidens or fighting knights. However, the more good-natured of this beast would rather dine on leaves over human flesh.

Gold Sculpture of a Dragon

Aside from their leathery wings and scales of steel, the dragon’s eye is also interesting. The pupil is like that of a ordinary feline with a vertical slit. This allows the beast to take in more light – handy since most lurk about in the dead of night or in dark dwellings.

The eyeball is also covered by three membranes. The closest one to the eyeball is crystal clear and protects the dragon when flying. The other two are not as transparent but also serve to protect the eyes from dirt, debris and bright lights. Interesting, the dragon’s eyes come in beautiful colors like red, green, yellow, gold or orange.

Dragon Gargoyles On the RoofToday, we have a real-life dragon in the Komodo Dragon. This lizard is found on the islands of Indonesia and is huge! It is the biggest reptile measuring in at 10 feet long (3 meters) and weighs a whopping 330 pounds (150 kilograms). Besides that, one bite from this beast carries over 50 bacterial strains that can kill within 24 hours.

A world with dragons is fun to think about, but I’m pretty sure we’re just as glad they’re not real. However, if you want more information, check out the web. You’ll be surprised just how intricate this world of the dragon really is.

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