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The Crazy World of Cars and Trucks

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About Cars and Trucks

Children's Book About Cars and TrucksOur path to automobiles started way back in 1769 with the invention of the steam engine automobile. By 1806 we had the fuel-powered internal combustion engine and eighty years later in 1886 the birth of the “modern” automobile finally arrived – we have the German inventor, Carl Benz (yes that Benz) to thank.

Today vehicles have come a long way since the simple steam-powered ones. They are more gas efficient and eco-friendly, they have power everything, air conditioning and sound systems that can reach decibels enough to rock the roadways. 

Different Kinds of Toy Cars

In addition, cars and trucks also come in every style and color imaginable. And can be customized for those that want to step outside of the vehicle-box.

The DeLorean made eyes pop in the movie theater with the original Back to the Future, where this car was able to travel back in time. With it futuristic doors that lifted up instead of out, it was a sure-fire hit. However, the DeLorean actually hit the sports car market in 1981-1982. It retailed around 25,000 US dollars unless you wanted a gold one. 

Little Mini Stop

Two gold-plated DeLoreans were specifically commissioned for the American Express company in 1981. These ran a whopping 85,000 dollars each!

One of the smallest cars to hit the roads is the Smart Car. When you see this little mini stop you may think clowns are going to pile out of it. The Smart car was first introduced in 1998 at a Paris car show. Today it has found its way into many driveways all over the world. It is fuel efficient with its all-electric model being introduced in 2007. It has two doors and a hatchback and measures in at 98.4 inches long, 59.6 inches wide and 61 inches tall

Classic car on the Street

(249 x 151 x 155 centimeters). This would be great for quick tours around town, but not necessarily comfortable for long trips.

Cars aren’t the only vehicle that has made some strange strides in their appearance. The Monster Truck is a pumped-up version of a pickup with huge tires and suspension to support it. The trucks are embellished with all sorts of designs and some even have horns attached to them. These mega-trucks can literally smash normal cars to pieces. In fact, it is considered a sport and is usually shown as part of an arena event alongside motocross and tractor pulls.

Even though the use of trucks in Pakistan isn’t unusual, the way they have embellished some is surprising. 

Different Types Of Trucks

Owners will take an ordinary truck and make it a moving piece of art. They add huge closed canopy-like structures to the top, then cover it with bright paint, material, poetry, folktales, religious symbols and sentimental markings making it one of the biggest art forms in the area.

Cars and trucks have come a long way from the simple steam engine automobile that was considered a luxury back then. Today they are a not only a form of transportation, but are considered a status symbol to be admired.

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  2. Danny Brown January 6, 2014 at 2:18 am

    We cannot deny the fact that cars and trucks changed our way of transportation now. During the old times, we are only using bicycles or light carriages as means of transportation. Now, there are lots of models of cars in the market. There are also trucks called “monster trucks” because of its huge wheels. Trucks nowadays are used for delivering tons of stuffs everywhere and they are used in dealing with cargo in shipping companies.

    • Brice Springstean January 7, 2014 at 5:40 am

      You’re right Danny cars and trucks changed our way of transportation now by providing opportunities for recreation, access to better stores and markets and the freedom to move where we want, when we want.

  3. Bill Mickalson January 6, 2014 at 2:42 pm

    Cars and trucks really changed a lot in regards to our ways of transporting items as well as human transportation. These mechanical things make us consume the time in less amount in going to some other places that we want to go. I’m happy that these things are invented because it helped us a lot. Through this book, I strongly believe that kids can understand how useful these things are in our world today.

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