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Be Kind to Our Bees

Kids Video Book About Bees

Interesting Video Book For Kids About Bees

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You may be terrified of them, but bees do play a very important role in earth’s ecosystem and in our very lives. Children's Book About BeesOther than making us run away when we see one buzzing around our heads, bees also pollinate a third of all of the fruit and vegetable crops we depend on everyday for healthy living.


A Colony Of BeesHowever, in the last few years bees have been dying off in what is known as the, Colony Collapse Disorder, which has beekeepers and environmentalists worried. Scientists believe the cause of their demise is related to the constant loss of their natural habitat, other invasive species, the overuse of farming pesticides and, of course, global warming.


If the bee population dwindles or dies off completely, this spells doom for the products we use everyday. Produce such as berries, oranges, watermelon, apples, peaches, peppers and even almonds, all depend on the bee to pollinate them. And this is only the beginning of the list, many species of flowers and plants also need the bee to disperse their pollen.

So what can we do to ensure the bee population doesn’t die off?


Western Honeybee Pollinating a FlowerFirst thing we can all do is plant a bee-friendly garden. These can be as big or small as your space or time permits. Use the plants that are native to your region, then sit back and watch the bees enjoy “the fruit of your labor.” Bees depend on local plants and flowers for food, so by opening a bee-bistro you can feel good about doing your part to help fuel these busy workers.


If you’d love to help in a huge way, start your own honey bee hive. Of course, this method will take some education and know-how on your part, but you won’t only reap the satisfaction of helping a dying species, but you will also have loads of honey and beeswax – great for homemade gift giving.


If you simply do not have the time or gumption to plant or start a hive, then why not Bees On A Bee Hivesponsor one? The Honeybee Conservancy is one organization that is not only helping the bees, but our fellow human beings, as well. This program is working with Bee Native to help install and educate the American Indian communities across the United States in the art of beekeeping. However, this all takes money and your donation would go a long way in helping to ensure our bees are around for a long time.


Bee in closeupBees have survived for 5 million years, providing us with some of the most wonderful products in the world. Isn’t it time to give back? Shouldn’t we take our responsibility of caretakers of this planet seriously and ensure the bee species has a future? We need to do our part, no matter how big or how small, to keep bees healthy so they can do what they do best.
Bee kind to our bees and be a part of the change, not part of the problem.


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  1. Scarette Johansen January 7, 2014 at 4:02 am

    In my own personal point of view, everybody loves the sweetness of honey and we all knew that honey is produced by bees. They also pollinate our plants and flowers. On the other hand, bees are dangerous as well if we tried to buzz them off. They will might sting us as a form of their defense. This book will surely teach kids the importance of bees in our ecosystem.

  2. Jim Pattersen January 8, 2014 at 11:44 am

    Certain species of bees die after stinging because their stingers, which are attached to their abdomen, have little barbs or hooks on them.

  3. Renee Zillweggar January 8, 2014 at 11:47 am

    One of the coolest things about bees is the fact that they produce some food humans like. Honey is a product made of the nectar that has been regurgitated and then dehydrated by honey bees.

  4. […] their legs, honey bees dart the pollen from flower to flower and these gathered plant pollens are claimed to produce […]

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