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Everyone loves the beach. Whether it be a local beach with sand and the surf, or the beautiful white sands of a tropical location, beaches are a true vacationer’s paradise. There are several great beaches in the world, but unless you know where to look, you may miss them. Let’s check out some of the best beaches on Earth..

Some of the world’s most beautiful islands are among the Seychelles. There are 115 of these all tucked into the Indian Ocean. The pale pink sands of the Anse Source d’Argent is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. It is located across from La Digue and features giant granite boulders and shallow turquoise waters. The beaches are protected by the pounding waves with a beautiful coral reef.

Who wouldn’t want to visit Tahiti? The quiet little beach (18 miles or 29 kilometers), named Bora Bora is a wonderful place for a romantic getaway. It is just one of the islands that make up the French Polynesia in the South Pacific. It is located in a protected lagoon with lush vegetation and a white sand beach. Nicknamed the “Romantic Island,” this isolated area with its intimate hotels would make a perfect honeymoon spot.

You can’t put together a top beach list without including at least one in Hawaii. Lanikai Beach is a small stretch of sparkling sand, palm trees, endless sunshine and lush tropical plants. Lanikai has been labeled as one of Hawaii’s most scenic beaches and a must-visit for you vacationers. The surf is fairly calm with a coral reef nearby to slow down the pounding surf and the water shimmers in a gorgeous deep-green color – perfect for pictures.

New York has pretty much anything anyone could ever ask for, even great beaches. Located in the Hamptons these windswept beaches start around the South Hamptons and run east along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean to the tip of the island at Montauk. Check out these beautiful beaches and take time to explore what they have to offer.
If you are going to be visiting the “land down under” then check out the Fraser Island in Australia. Situated 161 miles (259 kilometers) off the coast of Queensland and northeast of Brisbane, this beach is considered the world’s largest sand island. The island is lush and considered a natural paradise. The rainforest here has trees that are 1,000 years-old and have stood the test of time. Plus, whether you want to rough it or resort it, Fraser Island has you covered.

Visit Nantucket Island in Massachusetts to experience two of the most popular island beaches in the North Atlantic. Surfside and Children’s have soft sand, fairly calm waves and the most beautiful sunsets you can ever imagine. It’s the perfect place for kids to build sandcastles and for you to kick back and relax in the balmy temperatures.

The next time you are planning a vacation look to the beach for some quality vacation time. You may be surprised at just how close an amazing beach is to you.

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