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How to Publish a Children’s Book on Amazon Kindle

Imagine if you had the opportunity to not only tap into a lucrative niche on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing but the hearts and minds of children across the world.

Think about what it would be like to relive and realize some of your childhood again through the world of self-publishing.

It’s not too far-fetched, you know, and that’s why I want to share how to publish a children’s book on Amazon Kindle in a simple step-by-step tutorial.

Now let’s fire up your imagination and bring out the kid in you.


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Cartoons for Children😃Two Syllable Words for Kids of First Grade. Reading and Writing Videos

Cartoons for Children😃Two Syllable Words for Kids of First Grade. Reading and Writing Videos

Educational #cartoons in english #forKids and children are simple cartoons to explain kids different themes about science: Oceans, continents, water cycle, types of water on Earth, weather, clouds and so on.

This is the 12th education cartoon for kids about reading and writing. In this #videosForKids you will know about Two Syllable Words!

Kids of all ages will be interesting to see this cartoon!


Kids channel “Cartoons for kids” has many cartoons and videos for kids, children and toddlers.
In our channel you will find:
– music videos – educational songs for kids about: colours, english alphabet, counting, nature, geometric 2d and 3d shapes etc.
– educational cartoons and videos about math, alphabet (reading and writing), science and health, social studies and others.

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Come us!)


English songs for kids

English alphabet songs for kids

Science and health for kids

Videos for kids and children from Cartoons for kids

How to Draw for kids and beginners

Educational cartoons

About Farm Animals

About wild animals

Readinf and writing playlist for kids

New videos and cartoons for kids and toddlers from Monday to Friday – Subscribe to us


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Winter Concert.. Betances Early Reading Lab in Hartford, CT

If your children participate in music programs during the winter, you know that the cold, dry weather can offer up special challenges to both voices and musical instruments. To help your child make the most of his or her winter concert series, it’s important to acknowledge these cold weather obstacles and act proactively to avoid your child getting sick or not being able to perform. Younger children are especially vulnerable since they don’t yet have the experience to know what to do in the winter.


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