Learning-concept-in-word-cloud-39727723-resizedKindle books are now one of the hottest selling products at Amazon. Thousands of people are now going through the Kindle books every day. They are reading, buying and reviewing at the same time. The information provided by Kindle books customers including reviews, blogs, comments and lists give you a new viewpoint to think about the book which can influence your decision about buying that book or not. Have you ever reviewed any Kindle book? No? In this article, we will teach you the easiest way to post a Kindle book review in a step-by-step manner.

Step by Step Guide to post a Review on a Kindle Book at Amazon

Customer Reviews Block ExampleWhile posting your reviews on kindle book at Amazon you will have to:

Press Menu button on the website of Amazon to pop open the Menu

Now you should scroll down through its five way controller to reach the underlined Shop in Kindle Store.

See All Customer Reviews humorSelect the Shop the Kindle Store on the controller to pen the Home Screen of the Kindle Store by using the Browse portion at the top of the screen. After opening the home screen of the Kindle Store you should type the title of the book at the bottom of the page in the text box and move the controller towards your right so that Search Store button may get highlighted.

Now you should click on the controller to find out the Kindle Book or any other material you want to review. After selecting the required book you will find a page providing Product Detail that includes brief description of the book and it price along with Buy button.

Love to Read_24147897_m-resizeOn the Product Detail page you will also find a window for Customer Reviews. You should select it. After selecting on Customer Review window a page will appear for your reviews. You can write your reviews about the Kindle Book chosen by you at Amazon at the top of this page.

Then appears a page titled as My Rating and Reviews.

You can rate the Kindle book with stars from one to five according to your personal opinion about that book. After giving your rating to the kindle book you have to click the controller again.

The Kindle screen will flash up to indicate and confirm the acceptance of your rating. You can now select a title for your review and type it in the text box appearing on the home page of Kindle Store.

Now click on OK button to close the text entry box.

I Love Reading Black Button Red Heart_27153697_m-resizedA text entry box appears again by clicking on Review option on this to type your review on the Kindle book of your choice. This text box will also close after clicking on the OK button after writing your reviews in it. Now your reviews on Kindle Book at Amazon are ready to be submitted along with your star rating to the website of Amazon.

Thus you can post your reviews on Kindle book at Amazon in a step-by-step manner but once your reviews have been submitted you cannot edit them. So be careful in this regards before submitting your reviews.

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