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The Back Seat Mirror

Want to Drive in Peace?

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Parents have enough to worry about with their kids, much less having to constantly referee them in the back seat of a moving vehicle. This is not only stressful, but it can lead to the distraction of the driver, which could cause a dangerous accident. If you want an easy, practical and affordable solution to finally having peace in your car, then read on to discover the newest invention.

The Back Seat Mirror

08-Alternate-View v2

The Back Seat Mirror is a so simple you are going to wish you came up with the concept yourself. This handy device is an extra large, convex mirror that comes with durable straps, a swivel ball and is stylish to boot. To install the Back Seat Mirror all you have to do is affix it to the headrest of the back seat and position the swivel ball until you have a direct view of the mirror in your rear view mirror. That’s it! With this mirror in place you are well on your way to keeping the peace in the back seat of your car.

Let the “Looking” Begin

If you have children or pets, the Back Seat Mirror will be more than just handy, it can save a lot of hassles and squabbles that tend to arise when kids get bored or cranky. By having this “spying device” in place you can easily monitor the back seat without turning around. Think of the freedom (and peace and quiet) you will experience when your kids know you can check on their every move.

04-Mirror-Attachment-System v2

The Back Seat Mirror is also a must-have when you are travelling with a […]

Non-Contact Digital Forehead Thermometer

What are the uses of a non-contact Digital Forehead Thermometer?

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When a family member is sick, one of the first steps is to check for fever. However,thermometers vary in accuracy, speed, and convenience. To combine all three, check out the non-contact digital thermometer. It stores a range of temperatures for each person, so illnesses can be tracked over time. And because it never touches a sick person’s skin, there’s little risk of spreading disease.


These are the top uses for a non-contact digital forehead thermometer.

05 Baby with Thermee

  1. Catch the early warning signs of illness. Chickenpox can cause a fever before the rash develops. If a child has been exposed to chickenpox, scarlet fever, or roseola, run a quick scan across the forehead with a non-contact digital thermometer. Repeat this every day until the incubation period has passed. If a fever is detected, the illness can be treated immediately.


  1. Prevent illness in the elderly. Symptoms are often mild in elderly people, even for a major illness. A small cough can be a sign of pneumonia. A fever can be anything over 100°F. By keeping a digital record of daily temperatures, caretakers can detect signs of illness before it’s critical. Just store the temperature in a different memory mode for person.


  1. Decide whether to call a doctor. Just track the fever over a day or two and store the results in a non-contact forehead thermometer. If the fever is too high, or lasts too long, you’ll know to […]
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