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Children’s Book About Fish: A Kids Picture Book About Fish with Photos and Fun Facts

I wonder if many of us ever stop and consider the fish – other than if we want it grilled or fried. Fish are found everywhere on earth. In fact, there is over 30,000 known species of the fish.

For the most part people know very little about these amazing creatures. We do know they live underwater and breathe air through their gills, but did you know 1,000 fish species are on the verge of extinction? Or that some are so small they can fit on your thumbnail? While others rival the size of a bus?

Let’s take a look at some cool fish facts that will leave you amazed.

Fish don’t have vision like we do in 3D because their eyes are on each side of their heads. But what they do have is a heightened sense of smell. Females use their smell to help them locate a safe place to lay their eggs and the salmon uses its acute sense of smell to find its way back to its home spawning waters.

Free Amazon Kindle Children’s Book: Breeds of Dogs

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Where would we be without our cars? Dogs truly are a human’s best friend. They are always there to provide a furry shoulder to cry on, an ear (or two) to listen and they give us hours of entertainment. Whether you have a lovable mutt or a prized show dog, the canine promises to be loyal throughout its lifetime. But what if you are just starting to look for a dog or puppy? Where do you begin?

There are 175 registered dog breeds in the American Kennel Club (AKC) so your choices are wide. However, each breed is broken in categories; Companion Dogs, Hunting Dogs, Guard Dogs, Herding Dogs and Working Dogs. Each breed comes with certain attributes and personalities. This makes it easier to narrow down your decision.

Before you bring a puppy or dog home, you should know something about its breed to make sure it will fit into your lifestyle. For example is you are extremely busy and not able to provide a lot of walks or runs outside for your canine companion, then it is probably best not to choose a dog that is in the Hunting Dog Family. These include beagles, hounds, terriers etc. Dogs from this category most often need a lot of exercise and […]



Children’s Book About Polar Bears: A Kids Picture Book About Polar Bears with Photos and Fun Facts

Polar bears are the largest of all the land predators and also the largest of all the bears. It is highly recognized by its white fur and black eyes and nose. These magnificent beasts live on the cold shores of the Arctic where they hunt, mate, eat and sleep.

The polar bear is well suited to this icy region. Under that thick layer of waterproof white fur is black skin that absorbs the sunlight. They also have a thick layer of blubber (like the whale and seal) to help insulate them from this rough climate.

The massive paws of the polar bear are very useful. They are not only covered in a thick layer of fur but the pads on the bottom of its feet have a suction-cup like grip that keeps it from slipping. In addition, it also has sharp claws that act as ice-picks to further keep the polar bear from sliding around on this icy tundra, as well as enabling the female to dig her den. The front and back paws are both webbed to help propel the bear through the water. These “flippers” of sort allows the polar bear […]

Free Amazon Kindle Children’s Book: Ladybugs

Children’s Book About Ladybugs: A Kids Picture Book About Ladybugs with Photos and Fun Facts

The ladybug may be considered nice looking by us, but that bright color is a reminder to its predators that it tastes awful. However, just to be sure this little bug doesn’t stop there. When it feels threatened it secretes a foul tasting liquid from the joints in its legs. So even if a bird tries to eat the ladybug it will soon learn its lesson.

The ladybug preys on plant-eating insects like aphids and are considered a welcome guest on any farmer’s crop where these tiny pests lurk. The female ladybug will also seek out areas where the aphids are abundant to lay her eggs.

Bonus Video – from the Book’s Supplemental Pages:

Free Amazon Kindle Children’s Book: Ladybugs

Amazon Free Book Promotion Program. As part of their Kindle […]

Курсы Project Manager Онлайн Обучение Управлению Проектами В It

Project Manager (проектный менеджер, проджект-менеджер) — это специалист, ответственный за эффективную организацию всех процессов в рамках проекта и за его результат. Какую бы цель в прохождении курса управления проектами вы ни преследовали, уверены, в нашей подборке вы найдете идеальный для себя вариант. У вас горит проект и применить знания и умения проджект-менеджера надо уже сейчас? Тогда обратите внимание на этот курс от Русской школы управления. Обучение здесь рассчитано всего на три дня, по завершении которых вы получите документ установленного образца.

обучение проджект менеджеров

Научитесь применять в работе лучшие практики по управлению рисками в организации. Сможете организовывать информационные потоки для разных уровней, выстраивать иерархию и форматы коммуникации, а также распознавать и решать конфликты. Здесь вы можете опираться только на свои личные ощущения, хотите ли вы учиться в онлайн- или офлайн-формате. Если у вас ограниченное время или вы предпочитаете гибкость, онлайн-курсы могут быть хорошим вариантом. Несмотря на невысокую стоимость, курс наполнен обилием информации, а обучение рассчитано на 620 часов.

Топ-7 Курсов Для Менеджеров И Руководителей Проектов В 2024 Году

Длится обучение 2 года, в конце будет возможность защитить магистерскую диссертацию о выбранной теме. Один из лучших дистанционных курсов проджект менеджеров, подходящих для новичков. Преподаватели обучат студентов грамотно распределять бюджет, оценивать потенциальные риски, использовать в своей деятельности Agile и Scrum. Всех этих недостатков можно избежать, если воспользоваться услугами онлайн школ управления проектами.

обучение проджект менеджеров

Практика построена на реальных кейсах с использованием прикладных утилит Notion, Figma и других. Курс подходит начинающим и тем, кто задумался о смене профессии или карьерном росте. Курс обучения на проджект-менеджера представляет собой теоретический материал, дополненный практическими задачами. Преподаватели — опытные и успешные менеджеры из МТС, ВК, Яндекс и М.Видео, которые делают акцент на реальном опыте.

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