How do you send a kindle book as a gift during a free book promotion at Amazon?

Have you wondered how do can send a kindle book as a gift during a free book promotion at Amazon?I would like to show you step by step on how to do it.

Amazon has a ready feature known as, ‘Give as a Gift’ which is the one you can use to send a Kindle book to someone through email. This feature is quite handy for promoting eBooks more especially to authors. All one needs is to drive more sales to his Kindle eBook by letting other people to give it out as a gift ; once one does this, he/she will realize that the rank for his/her book’s sales page starts to improve and it will eventually be more visible on Amazon, hence increasing his/her overall sales.

For instance, if one accept to speak at a conference or an event, and ask the event organizers or host to give all those who have attended a copy of his/her Kindle bulletin. The organizer would then proceed to Amazon & use the give as a ‘Gift option’. This feature allows him or her to electronically email a redemption code to every attendee, one by one. The only thing the attendees get is a bonus, whereas the author gain increase in his /her sales, new readers & improve his/her overall sales rank at Amazon!

Yes, it is really as simple as ABC as you can see. This feature is used to give away bonus books to any first fifty people or attendees who register for non fiction writers’ conference.

However there are terms and conditions that should be met at Amazon before using this feature of gift cards and gift certificates. I will highlight some terms and conditions as listed below:

– Gift cards and gift certificates are only be redeemable on the website or an affiliated website like .

– This Gift certificates or cards can’t be redeemed at,,,,,,, or at any Trusted Partner sites of

– Gift cards and gift certificates can’t be used to make payment for gift certificates & gift cards.

– The Gift cards and gift certificates do not have cash redemption value & cannot be assigned or transferred.

– Just in case any order exceeds the amount of the gift card or the gift, certificate any balance due will be paid by debit or credit card.

– Any unused portion of gift certificates and gift cards expires after one year from the issuance date.

– The gift or certificate may be applied to an open order by contacting or visiting a page known as the relevant Order Summary page which is under “Your Account” section of Amazon website.

A point to note better is that some products for sale at website can not be bought persons who are under 18yrs of age.

I believe that now you understand how to send a kindle book as a gift during a free book promotion at Amazon.