What are the uses of a non-contact Digital Forehead Thermometer?

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When a family member is sick, one of the first steps is to check for fever. However,thermometers vary in accuracy, speed, and convenience. To combine all three, check out the non-contact digital thermometer. It stores a range of temperatures for each person, so illnesses can be tracked over time. And because it never touches a sick person’s skin, there’s little risk of spreading disease.


These are the top uses for a non-contact digital forehead thermometer.

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  1. Catch the early warning signs of illness. Chickenpox can cause a fever before the rash develops. If a child has been exposed to chickenpox, scarlet fever, or roseola, run a quick scan across the forehead with a non-contact digital thermometer. Repeat this every day until the incubation period has passed. If a fever is detected, the illness can be treated immediately.


  1. Prevent illness in the elderly. Symptoms are often mild in elderly people, even for a major illness. A small cough can be a sign of pneumonia. A fever can be anything over 100°F. By keeping a digital record of daily temperatures, caretakers can detect signs of illness before it’s critical. Just store the temperature in a different memory mode for person.


  1. Decide whether to call a doctor. Just track the fever over a day or two and store the results in a non-contact forehead thermometer. If the fever is too high, or lasts too long, you’ll know to contact medical help.


  1. Protect those with a depressed immune system. This condition is caused by many conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, chemotherapy, lupus, or even medications for a different illness. A low fever can mean a major infection. Keep a record of daily temperatures with a simple scan by a non-contact foreheadthermometer.


  1. Prevent sinusitis or pneumonia. A simple cold can turn into something serious. When a cold turns into a fever, it’s often a sign of infection. By tracking a temperature throughout a cold, you can catch infections at the onset.


  1. Prevent infection for post-operative patients. It’s very easy for an infection to take hold after an operation. One of the first signs is a fever. Track the temperature for a week or so after the operation. If the digitalthermometer shows a sudden increase, contact the doctor.


  1. Travel Safely. Whether traveling by air, car, train, or ship, travelersl encounter a host of germs and bacteria. Take a first-aid kit with you, as well as routine medications. Non-contact digital forehead thermometers are carry-on approved devices.
  2. Start a Child Care Center. Wherever there are children, there will be germs and bacteria. Sick children should remain at home, but they often show up anyway. Stock a non-contact digital forehead thermometer in your first aid kit. You’ll get quick, accurate information without spreading disease in the process.

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