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Children's Book About DogsThey are man’s (and woman’s) best friend and are loyal companions. They help the blind and challenged live normal lives and bring peace to the troubled. They herd, hunt, retrieve, guard, protect, nurture and will even stand for hours and parade around the show ring as they are shown off for their beauty and attributes.


Where would we be without the dog?


Howling Wolf at NightThese animals have been around for thousands of years and as best scientists can tell the wolf was probably the first canine to be domesticated. But is it any wonder that even our earliest relatives wanted the loyalty and companionship (we still crave today) that can only be fulfilled by the dog?


Different Breeds of DogsPresently there is a breed of canine for every taste with around 339 registered purebred dogs. To make it simpler they are broken up into 10 groups;


•Sheep/Cattle Dogs





•Scent Hounds






Four Dogs Sitting DownWith so many breeds to choose from and still others considered mutts, there is a dog for every personality and household. We’ve taken the canine and bred it to be enormous like the great dane and mastiffs down to the “purse” dogs like yorkies and chihuahuas.


White Dogs with Curly HairTheir coats come in straight, curly, rough, smooth and everything in between. And for those with allergies, the ever-pleasing pooch even comes in hypoallergenic.


Golden Brown Colored Dog Sitting DownAccording to statistics 46 percent of households own at least one dog. And the most popular breed is still the labrador retriever. It is no surprise that so many people choose to share their homes with a domesticated canine. Dogs make great pets and are a wonderful way for children to learn the responsibility of caring for a creature. In return, the dog offers a playful and loyal companion that will bring years of delight to any family.


A Mother and her Two Children Playing with the PuppyUnfortunately, for every dog that has found a great home there are those that are locked away, discarded, abused and abandoned. Humane Society’s around the world do their best to rescue and relieve the pain and suffering of every animal that enters through their open doors. But sometimes the need exceeds the demand and healthy dogs are destroyed due to the lack of funds and caring people.


German Shepherd Doing Some StuntIf you are thinking of getting a dog, why not give a rescue dog a chance? These dogs are the same as any dog, they just need a second chance in life. Every dog deserves the opportunity to give a family its best. All they ask for in return is love and a few new sniffs everyday. Is that too much to give for a dedicated animal that will lay its life down for its family?


A Pack of WolvesMan could have never bothered to domesticate that first wolf, but he knew future generations would be missing out on the best thing that may ever happen to them. Let’s honor the past and look to a bright future with our dogs standing beside our sides…ever vigilant and ever ready.


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