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A Reading Place

A Reading Place is first and foremost a fun and educational experience for early readers and children who are just thirsting for knowledge. Primarily a site of “Companion” Fun Pages related to books our Authors have published, we are also a fantastic resource for Adults;  Including Parents, Grandparents, Friends and Relatives.

Our site is dedicated to providing both the fun educational experiences the kids and to providing a wealth of educational ideas for the adults to consider as way to augment the learning experiences of the kids.

You will find articles on the value of early education as well as a number of book clubs and learning resources that you can get for the children. These resources are for Parents and Friends and most importantly, the Grandparents. Ashley Wells of A Reading PlaceWe do make a small commission on these sales, and this is what keeps the site going.

One of the fantastic values that we are able to provide is our newsletter which announces the dates that the books from Twilight Publishing are being promoted at Amazon. We are able to do this with an arrangement with Twilight Publishing and Amazon. How is this possible? Amazon, as part of its arrangement with certain publishers allows books to be given away free as part of its promotion of the books. We are able to get access to the dates that the books from our Authors are on promotion each week.

Why do the Authors and Amazon do this? They are hoping to get the readers to do a review. Reviews are critical to the success of a book as Amazon will show the books with the most reviews and the best reviews. Thus every Author is hoping to get a good review. We urge you to please post a review for every book that you read.


A Personal Letter

Although we have a number of Authors participating in our program, Ashley is the one who keeps the site together and who helps pull things together like the newsletter and the Companion Pages. Ashley has a few helpers too behind the scenes and does this as she can when not teaching or caring for her family.

As you will notice, just about everybody here is a teacher, with kids, and with a family. We all believe in enriching our children’s lives with the most fulfilling early learning experiences we can give them. Please explore and enjoy.


Ashley and the Entire A Reading Place Team

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P R O G R A M       I N F O
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