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Amazon Kindle Books: Getting the Best Books with Good Reviews

For some, nothing beats the traditional way of reading. The satisfaction that they’d get from holding a real book is just priceless. However, due to the innovation of modern technology, reading a book has now been taken to a whole new level, or make that dimension. Since the arrival of Kindle books, the books are now kept and be read virtually. Amazon Kindle is a small hand-held electronic device developed by the guys from Amazon. The reason why Kindle books are well loved is because of the reading experience that it brings to its users; it is like reading a real book, only that its not made of paper.


The latest model that this flagship device from amazon has brought to the market today is the Paperwhite. A very lightweight device that you can carry anytime, anywhere and. Even though the device is extremely light and portable, you can still keep a huge number of books in it; approximately 1,400 ebooks all in all. It has a six-inch screen plus a small keyboard that lets you make internet searches and other pretty simple web-oriented activities. It’s basically the all in one device for all ages.


Good Reviews: How important is it?


There are thousands of Kindle books sold at, most of them offer a good reading experience, while there are some that are just mediocre or even so so. It is very important that a particular kindle book gets good reviews from people who bought and who actually read it. One of the great things […]

Step by Step Guide to doing a Kindle Book Review at Amazon

Learning-concept-in-word-cloud-39727723-resizedKindle books are now one of the hottest selling products at Amazon. Thousands of people are now going through the Kindle books every day. They are reading, buying and reviewing at the same time. The information provided by Kindle books customers including reviews, blogs, comments and lists give you a new viewpoint to think about the book which can influence your decision about buying that book or not. Have you ever reviewed any Kindle book? No? In this article, we will teach you the easiest way to post a Kindle book review in a step-by-step manner.

Step by Step Guide to post a Review on a Kindle Book at Amazon

Customer Reviews Block ExampleWhile posting your reviews on kindle book at Amazon you will have to:

Press Menu button on the website of Amazon to pop open the Menu

Now you should scroll down through its five way controller to reach the underlined Shop in Kindle Store.

See All Customer Reviews humorSelect the Shop the Kindle Store on the controller to pen the Home Screen of the Kindle Store by using the Browse portion at the top of the screen. After opening the home screen of the Kindle Store you should type the title of the book at the bottom of the page in the text box and move the controller towards your right so that Search Store button may get highlighted.

Now you should click on the controller to find out the Kindle Book or any other material you want to review. After selecting the required book you will find a […]

How to Read Amazon Kindle Books on your PC, Apple, and Android devices

a-little-girl-thinking-of-what-to-writeThe release of the Amazon Kindle transformed and optimized the manner in which users read electronic books. With a Kindle, Amazon users can access digital versions of books and download them from the Amazon kindle Store to their devices. Some of the benefits of using a kindle include instant delivery and the low cost of e-books compared to their print versions. If you have not acquired the Amazon kindle yet, you can still access and read the e-books by installing the kindle application in any electronic device that is easily accessible to you. Amazon has released Kindle reading applications for multiple electronic devices including Mac, Windows, iPad, iPod touch, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone 7.


Customer Reviews Block ExampleThe free Amazon Kindle apps allow users to download Amazon’s digital books without having to actually own a kindle. The apps apply Whispersync technology that permits a user to acquire any book in an instant, since the download basically takes seconds. The app also allows you to add bookmarks, highlight words and make notes on any device where you install it. This functionality enables readers to use multiple devices when reading the same book since the bookmark will let you know where you left off on the device that you used previously.


See All Customer Reviews humorThe procedure to access and read Kindle books on any device with an app is basically the same. Open […]

Reviewing a Kindle Book on Amazon

Reading has never been more accessible since the advent of Amazon’s Kindle device. Any user can simply turn it on and have a library of books at their fingertips instantaneously. Befitting this technology is the ability users have to share their thoughts on things they’ve read on their Kindle. Reviews can help other users parse through whats worth spending their time with, and can help make sure great books stay on top of their respective categories. This guide will help you learn how to do a Kindle book review at Amazon, which will allow you to express yourself and rate the quality of different pieces you’ve read recently.


Before you get ready to input your review into Amazon, you should have read your book and formed a cogent opinion about it. Since so many users look through reader reviews to decide which books are for them, you shouldn’t post a review without having read or thought about a book. Take the time to enjoy the book via your Kindle, and contemplate the pros and cons of the reading material you’ve just gone through. Think about whether it was a meaningful piece that really touched your life, or if it flat out just wasn’t worth the time.


When you’ve got some ideas in hand, start your Kindle device and select the “Shop” button from the main menu. This will take you to an area where you can search for products on Amazon available for purchase. Do a basic search for your product’s name, and find it located on the search results screen. If you […]

Amazon Kindle Books

How do you send a kindle book as a gift during a free book promotion at Amazon?

Have you wondered how do can send a kindle book as a gift during a free book promotion at Amazon?I would like to show you step by step on how to do it.

Amazon has a ready feature known as, ‘Give as a Gift’ which is the one you can use to send a Kindle book to someone through email. This feature is quite handy for promoting eBooks more especially to authors. All one needs is to drive more sales to his Kindle eBook by letting other people to give it out as a gift ; once one does this, he/she will realize that the rank for his/her book’s sales page starts to improve and it will eventually be more visible on Amazon, hence increasing his/her overall sales.

For instance, if one accept to speak at a conference or an event, and ask the event organizers or host to give all those who have attended a copy of his/her Kindle bulletin. The organizer would then proceed to Amazon & use the give as a ‘Gift option’. This feature allows him or her to electronically email a redemption code to every attendee, one by one. The only thing the attendees get is a bonus, whereas the author gain increase in his /her sales, new readers & improve his/her overall sales rank at Amazon!

Yes, it is really as simple as ABC as you can see. This feature is used to give away bonus books to any first fifty people or attendees who register for non fiction writers’ conference.

However there are terms and conditions that should be met at Amazon before using this feature […]