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Children's Book About MagicThe art of magic has been around for about 40,000 years. It can be performed on a large scale or right in front of your own eyes. The tricks these masterminds behind the magic can perform is mind boggling. So much so that we forget it is all just an illusion.

Postage Stamp of Harry Houdini - World's Famous MagicianThe most famous magician in history has got to be Harry Houdini. This magic-genius started practicing the art of illusion when he was only nine years-old. His very first trick was his ability to pick up pins with his eyelashes while hanging upside down.

Houdini was hooked on magic and practiced on the trapeze and also worked for free as a locksmith. Once Harry had these skills down he began to build his act. Houdini escaped from many death-traps of his own making, he could hold his breath for three minutes, used both his right and left hands and could untie knots with his feet. He once even escaped from the belly of a whale!

Portrait of the Book of MagicToday one of the most exciting illusionist is Chris Angel. With his charming personality, that leans to a bit on the creepy side, Chris has wowed and astounded people from all over the world. Chris has levitated, not only himself and his beloved cat, but has done it in the streets with a small number of bystanders watching. In fact, he is well known for his close-up street magic skills. Angel’s performances are so mind blowing you will be left astounded – he really does seem to possess magical abilities. You can catch Chris’s act in Las Vegas where he currently resides.

Professional Magician Juggling the Cards RandomlyIf you want to do magic yourself, you can start with some basic card tricks. These are easier to perform and all you need is a deck of cards and a lot of practice. There are many tricks you can master in the card realm. Disappearing cards, changing cards and even cards reappearing in another location, are all tricks that will amaze your friends or make you a hit at a party. Harry Houdini even referred to himself as the “King of Cards.”

An Illustration of a Magic Performed in a Magic Hat

To become a great magician or illusionist it takes years of practice and dedication. You may find you have a real knack for it, but to get the ease of performing to fool people, you must be confident in your own ability. Remember a lot of magic is slight of hand and distraction on your audience’s part – the pretty assistants are there to do just that. In addition, once you learn the tricks-of-the-trade, you may be tempted to reveal how it is done – I still want to know how a person can levitate or be sawed in half – but you are sworn to secrecy.

A Young Boy in a Complete Magician Outfit Magic can be a great way to entertain children at birthday parties. These people will perform simple tricks that will leave your child in awe. If he or she has picked up an interest in magic, there are plenty of “starter kits” to get your child involved in the world of magic. All this hocus pocus is fun and a great way to be entertained.

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