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Discover the Wonders of Sea Life and Marine Animals

Our Kids Video Book About Sea Life and Marine Animals

Interesting Video Book For Kids About Sea Life and Marine Animals


All About Sea Life and Marine Animals


Children's Book About Sea Life and Marine AnimalsThere is a lot of life going on under the waters and oceans of this world. Did you know there are 122,500 species of marine life and another 128 different species of animals that all depend on the water to live out healthy lives?


Big Turtle Under The SeaUnless you are a Marine Biologist, the average person will probably never fully understand the life our oceans and waterways are teeming with. Let’s have a look at some of these amazing (and sometimes hidden away) creatures.


Among some of the more common animals that thrive in the water are the;


•Cetaceans; whale, dolphin and porpoise

•Pinnipeds; walrus, seals and sea lions

•Sirenians; mantas and dugongs

•Mustelids; otter, badgers and martens

•Polar Bears


Stingray Swimming Under The OceanAll sea animals either make their dwellings full time in the ocean or use it for swimming and hunting their prey.

Among the thousands of fish and sea creatures that call the depths of the ocean home are a variety of gorgeous fish, coral, plants, turtles and other underwater life. It truly is a whole new world down there that many of us can never even begin to imagine.


Beautiful Coral Reef Under The OceanLet’s take the coral for example, this may be a stationary fixture of the ocean but it starts with one tiny polyp. This soft-bodied organism has a skeleton of limestone that is hard and protective. It is referred to as the Calicle. Coral reefs are built from one tiny polyp that has attached itself to a rock, and then begins to split and divide into thousands of clones. At the very base of a coral reef is one organism that may have grown over thousands of years. Over time the coral colonies will meet up with other polyps and attach themselves to each other. This gives us the beauty and variety that are found among most coral reefs.


 Hammerhead Shark Looking AroundAmong the beauty of sea life are also some deep sea beasts. These dwell so far below the ocean surface they live out their lives in total darkness. Among these deep sea dwellers are the dragon fish, viper fish and fang tooth fish. These are truly hideous creatures with large mouths filled with super long teeth, dead eyes and pale skin. These fish can live up to a mile below the sea and most of them come with photophores (built in lights) that help them lure their prey. Thank goodness they live deep as they truly are beastly.


Tuna Fish Swimming Together Under the OceanThe sea and its life has always been a fascinating subject. With so many creatures that depend on their watery world for survival we can always find something interesting to explore. This is by no means a comprehensive list, so check out the internet, books, and a nature program or visit an aquarium to get to know our sea friends even better. You will be amazed at what you find.




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  4. Gerald Seinfield January 2, 2014 at 11:13 am

    This book will serve as a tourist guide under the sea. Children will get excited learning things that can be found under water. It has a lot of amazing photos that will surely catch child’s attention.

  5. Raquel Walsh January 6, 2014 at 12:59 am

    The sea has its own wonderful and fascinating creatures that people cannot appreciate unless underwater. What I really like about the sea is the reality that it has many hidden wonders that people always underestimate. Underwater, there are corals and sea animals of different species swimming and playing everywhere. I really love the sea (above its level) because its beauty is really charming to the people for diving, swimming or even taking a ride on a boat. But I most love the sea (below its level) because of the life it has.

  6. Marilyn Munro January 6, 2014 at 2:01 pm

    Discovering the wonders of sea life and marine animals are very interesting and enjoyable activities. And I’m sure children love most this kind of activities. It is really nice that while they are enjoy watching the big fishes, beautiful corals , sea turtles and etc. they will learn also.

  7. Tinger Woods January 7, 2014 at 4:04 am

    The understanding and knowledge of the process and balance that nurture our marine resources help us understand the importance to conserve, preserve and protect our coastal and marine ecosystems. This video book is a great resources to help our children understand the marine life, how to preserve and protect them.

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