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Reading Sailor Moon, Act 1, in Japanese and English, Soft-Spoken ASMR

One of my favorite manga series ever! I don’t usually read Japanese out loud so thought I might practice for you in a little bedtime story type vid. My pronunciation wasn’t 100% due to nerves but I’m sure I will get better in the next parts of this series :3

Sorry if there are some abrupt cuts… I tried to cut out the time spent waiting for my camera to focus on each panel and other dead time to make the reading more fluid. Sometimes my cam just didn’t want to cooperate haha! Also my editing program crashed four times while trying to finish this video so glad it is finally uploaded.

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Why Kindle Book Reviews are so important to a book’s sales at Amazon

005Amazon is an online website of its own that has great importance to authors and publishers of books. This is because it has provided an extraordinary opportunity to introduce new books to readers and market them worldwide, providing robust sales. The following are the main reasons that make Amazon the leading site for authors and publishers:

(i) It is the largest booksellers worldwide, it sells 70% of the total volume of books
(ii) Close to 350 million people possess a credit card for Amazon, this enables them to buy online
(iii) It is rapidly expanding worldwide, therefore, authors, publishers, and readers are in a global market
(iv) It has provision of free software that enables one with a computer, tablet or Smartphone to be a Kindle device for reading
(v) Digital and hard copy sales are readily available
(vi) The platform for publishing is just an easy task to use, it needs only book upload and within a span of 12-24 hours, that book is live ready for readers demand it

 See All Customer Reviews humor

From the above introduction, it is clear that Amazon a better solution for readers, authors, and publishers. Therefore, kindle book reviews are so important to a book’s sales at Amazon. It has been known that over 85% of all Amazon Kindle readers rely heavily on book reviews before making an online order to have the copy of the book. It is important that any publisher should make it necessary to have a quality book reviews to inform the readers of […]

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Day In The Life Of A Mom With 4 Kids | Homeschool Routine SAHM

Day In The Life Of A Mom with 4 Kids – Homeschool Routine SAHM
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Today Im sharing a day in the of a mom with 4 kids and my homeschool routine! A day in my life of a stay at home mom is always interesting and we have our good and bad days. We recently adopted our son Huxley from China and have been home for almost 3 months. Because everything is still new for him, we have our good and bad days as he acclimates to his new family. Hope you enjoyed the raw and real moments in my day in the life of a mom with special needs kids.

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Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See – Read Aloud Story

Your child will love this story read to them while watching the animals move in the story. Your child can also read along for fun. I hope you enjoy the story. To get this resource for your children to practice their reading skills, simply visit:


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