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How I Made My Children’s Book

In this video I talk about the process I went through when drawing and illustrating the children’s book I recently completed. The book is called Princess Alaina and the End of All Vegetables. I talk about how I settled on an illustration style and how I reduced the copy to make for a faster read. I also talk about the difficulties with the cost of printing a children’s book. I talk about using Blurb to print the book and the pros and cons of using Blurb. I show some of the first concept illustrations and how I decided to completely change the book from a graphic novel to a children’s book.

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Five Little Babies Opening Surprise Eggs | ABC For Children | Phonics Song By Zool Babies

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Here comes the popular nursery rhyme collection “Zool Babies Surprise Eggs Phonics Song ” and more. For more great videos for children be sure to subscribe!. To watch all our popular nursery rhymes click on the playlist

0:06 Phonics song
3:24 Five little babies opening giant eggs
5:58 Five little babies swimming in a pool
7:40 Five little babies wearing a mask
9:44 Five little babies tasting lemon
11:58 Five little babies driving the monster truck
13:13 Five little babies riding a horse
16:10 Five little babies playing with toys
17:51 Five little babies baking a cake
19:39 Five little babies opening giant eggs
21:44 Five little babies taking selfies
23:47 Five little babies blowing bubbles
25:53 Five little babies riding scooters
27:48 Five little babies bathing in a tub
30:02 Five little babies opening the eggs
32:05 Five little babies playing with toys
33:58 Five little babies playing with balls
35:59 Five little babies blowing the balloon
37:47 Five little babies tasting ice cream
39:54 Five little babies skating on ice
41:43 Five little babies driving the car
43:44 Five little babies jumping on the bed
45:53 Five little babies sitting on a wall
47:53 Five little babies skiing on snow
49:42 Five little babies cycling on the street
52:03 Funny little babies wearing a mustache
53:36 Ten green bottles
56:06 Happy birthday
58:06 Five little babies tasting ice cream

Enjoy Five little babies series :
Five little babies blowing balloons…
Five little babies opening the eggs…
Five little babies eating ice cream…
Five little babies sitting on a wall…
Five little babies cycling on the street…
Five little babies driving a car…

Videogyan’s Kids Nursery Rhymes make kids sing and dance to the foot-tapping awesome music and engaging animations. This combination of great music and colorful visuals lets even parents have fun along with their children.

Videogyan also produces popular nursery […]

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Homeschooling Advice : Homeschooling: Teaching Art

Teaching art in a homeschool setting requires supplying lots of paper, markers, paint, and other crafts, researching co-op art programs in the area for a more advanced art student and incorporating art history in the curriculum. Allow a creative homeschool student to experiment with art with advice from a homeschool specialist in this free video on homeschooling.

Expert: Linda Wooldridge
Bio: Linda Wooldridge has been homeschooling since 1998, and she has been on the PPEA board for three years as the orientation coordinator for Pinellas County.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


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Preschool – Reading game: Add phonetic words to blanks and make into silly sentences.

Game for teaching reading and phonics.
Sounding out 3-letter words. Practicing with simple sentences.
Theme: simple words, sentences, foam paper, blanks, colors.

Ideas for early learning and teaching preschool children.

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