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8 Things I Want New Homeschooling Moms to Know

In this video I share 8 Things I Want New Homeschooling Moms to Know. Click to go to this article to find more homeschooling tips for moms and free homeschooling resources.

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Reading Sailor Moon, Act 1, in Japanese and English, Soft-Spoken ASMR

One of my favorite manga series ever! I don’t usually read Japanese out loud so thought I might practice for you in a little bedtime story type vid. My pronunciation wasn’t 100% due to nerves but I’m sure I will get better in the next parts of this series :3

Sorry if there are some abrupt cuts… I tried to cut out the time spent waiting for my camera to focus on each panel and other dead time to make the reading more fluid. Sometimes my cam just didn’t want to cooperate haha! Also my editing program crashed four times while trying to finish this video so glad it is finally uploaded.

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Reasons NOT To Homeschool

Christa and Brad talk about the posisble reasons why you might not think homeschooling is a good idea. These are reasons why homeschooling is not good idea.

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Jolly Phonics Phase Two

How does your child master phonics, from learning letter sounds to reading fluently? When your child starts school, phonics becomes a big part of everyday life, transforming them from a non-reader to a child who is capable of reading fluently and spelling. Jolly Phonics is a program designed to help children learn the name and sounds of letters. I have put together all the Jolly Phonic songs from Phase Two, which consists all the letter sounds from A-Z apart from Q as it is a tricky sound and is part of Phase Three as ‘qu’. Before children can read or start to read they need to have some understanding of letter sounds and this is a fun way of learning them.


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