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Non-Contact Digital Forehead Thermometer

What are the uses of a non-contact Digital Forehead Thermometer?

Find out now.

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When a family member is sick, one of the first steps is to check for fever. However,thermometers vary in accuracy, speed, and convenience. To combine all three, check out the non-contact digital thermometer. It stores a range of temperatures for each person, so illnesses can be tracked over time. And because it never touches a sick person’s skin, there’s little risk of spreading disease.


These are the top uses for a non-contact digital forehead thermometer.

05 Baby with Thermee

  1. Catch the early warning signs of illness. Chickenpox can cause a fever before the rash develops. If a child has been exposed to chickenpox, scarlet fever, or roseola, run a quick scan across the forehead with a non-contact digital thermometer. Repeat this every day until the incubation period has passed. If a fever is detected, the illness can be treated immediately.


  1. Prevent illness in the elderly. Symptoms are often mild in elderly people, even for a major illness. A small cough can be a sign of pneumonia. A fever can be anything over 100°F. By keeping a digital record of daily temperatures, caretakers can detect signs of illness before it’s critical. Just store the temperature in a different memory mode for person.


  1. Decide whether to call a doctor. Just track the fever over a day or two and store the results in a non-contact forehead thermometer. If the fever is too high, or lasts too long, you’ll know to […]

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Jennifer Lokken & Ayla – Tips on Raising a Large Family

Jennifer Lokken, The Rational Redhead on Twitter, is a married stay at home mom of six kids who are all homeschooled.

Ayla is a former leftist turned conservative, stay-at-home, homeschooling mother of six children. She is passionate about European culture and history, and strives to be a traditional lady. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in German with a minor in Anthropology.

Ayla and Jennifer join us to talk about traditional parenting, motherhood, and homemaking. To begin, they each offer some advice for young women interested in starting a family. Both agree that starting young is a good idea, so long as both parents have decent health insurance. This leads to a discussion on the financial side of parenting. Ayla advises against spending money on frivolities and instead investing in the family’s future. Later, we discuss a number of other topics, including homeschooling, cleaning, family health, and much more. Our show concludes with both Ayla and Jennifer reminding prospective mothers that children are a blessing, not a burden.

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Thinking about what I have learned over the years homeschooling and reflecting back is crazy. Sharing with you all 5 of the things I wish I would have known when i started my homeschooling journey. These are personal to me and my journey, but maybe some of you all can relate?

What’s one thing you wish you knew when you started homeschooling?

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How to Use Kindle Kid Creator and Kindle Comic Creator

How to use Kindle Kid Creator and Kindle Comic Creator – John Tighe interviews Bruce Jones.
To get a free copy of “Make Money from Non-Fiction Kindle Books” click here:

These are essential tools (provided free by Amazon) if you want to create pictures based books – whether they’re for children or not!

Kid Creator is essentially a simplified version of Comic Creator. This video focuses on Kid Creator, but what Bruce covers can be used for both.

Plus, Bruce does a live and real-time demonstration of how to create a book using Kindle Kid Creator!

(In the opening few minutes Bruce explains what Kid Creator and Comic Creator are all about and then at 7′ 25″ the live demo footage starts.)


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