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Bringing Kitten Home

Our Kids Video Book About Kittens

Interesting Video Book For Kids About Kittens

All About Kittens

Children's Book About KittensIs there anything more fun than a kitten? With its fuzzy body, tiny mew and a curiosity that is sure to make you laugh, the kitten has been a popular choice with pet lovers everywhere. Let’s dig deeper into the world of kittens and explore what has made these little felines number one in our hearts.

Tiger Colored KittenKittens seem to come in only one size; small, however, there is over 40 different registered breeds of cats – add in the mixed “moggies” – and you have a huge variety to choose from. Whether you are looking for the sleek lines of the siamese or the big, fluffy coat of a maine coon, you are sure to find a breed that suits your lifestyle.

White Siamese Cat With Big BLue EyesThe nice thing about having a cat is the ease of looking after it as opposed to other animals. An indoor cat can easily adapt to apartment or house living. Much of this is due to the fact […]

Dig Into the World of Dragons

Our Kids Video Book About Dragons


Interesting Video Book For Kids About Dragons

 All About Dragons

Children's Book About DragonsDragons have been in our folklore for thousands of years. They can come to the rescue of a maiden in distress or take her away to their lair hidden deep inside a mountain or cave. These giant reptiles have adorned the pages of fantasy books and have been made into movies, videos and board games. Where would we be without the world of dragons?

Chinese Dragon Holding on a PoleConsidering the dragon is a mythical being, they are quite complex. Did you know dragons are either Eastern or Western? Dragons have been a huge part of the Chinese culture and are even revered There are nine separate dragons from the east. The are characterized by their long serpent like bodies and their ability to fly among the clouds. They bring happiness, luck, power and wisdom. These dragons can also control the rain, rivers and seas.

Chinese Dragon Holding on The Earth

The year of the dragon in the Chinese culture […]

Facts from the Chicken Coop

Our Kids Video Book Kids About Chickens

Interesting Video Book For Kids About Chickens

All About Chickens

Children's Book About ChickensGuess what? Chicken Butt!

Now that I have your attention, let’s talk chicken. How much do we really know about the chicken? You may be thinking…”I know I like it fried or barbequed.” That’s not quite what I had in mind. Did you know the mother chicken turns her eggs 50 times a day so the yolk doesn’t stick to the shell? Let’s take a journey into the world of chickens to see what other fascinating facts we can learn about this bird.

A young Boy Holding A Chick

There is more than 150 varieties of the chicken (no not on the menu) and are found all over the world. They are the most common bird on the planet today as their numbers exceed 24 billion – that makes more of them than us!

The first domesticated chicken was not used for food purposes but rather for the harsh and cruel “sport” of cockfighting. This dates back to India where two male birds were forced into a small […]

The Vastness of the World’s Oceans

Our Kids Video Book Kids About Oceans

Interesting Video Book For Kids About Oceans

All About Oceans 

Children's Book About The OceanWe have all probably heard the news about the droughts and lack of clean drinking water for many parts of the world. As sad as that is our planet is not without water, unfortunately it’s just not all drinkable. Let’s take a tour around the oceans of our planet They may be undrinkable, but they are still fascinating.

A view Of The OceanSeventy percent of earth is made up of water. In other words, if we were to take a cube and fill it with the ocean’s water it would be 621 square miles (1,000 kilometers). The largest ocean is the Pacific, covering around 30 percent of the earth’s surface, while the second largest is the Atlantic at 21 percent, the third is the Indian ocean at 14 percent, then the Arctic and Antarctic respectively. These oceans vary in temperature and are all connected due to the ocean’s currents which circulates the water throughout the world. It’s no surprise that 50 to 80 percent of all life on the planet can be found in the ocean. However, scientists have only explored about 5 percent […]

Puppy Play

Our Kids Video Book Kids Puppies


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All About Puppies

Children's Book About PuppiesWho doesn’t like puppies with their constant wagging tails and wet noses? They can melt our hearts and bring so much joy to our lives. However, not all puppies are created equally. Depending on the breed, puppies can be really big or really small, flat-faced, or round-snouted. But they all still have one thing in common; their sole purpose on earth is to bring unconditional love and affection to their family.

Chihuahua puppy standing with collar and name tag isolatedYou may remember getting your first puppy. It could have been as an adult – as the constant begging and pleading with mom and dad may not have worked – or is that just me? Puppies are a lot of work and it takes time to properly train them. Depending on how “smart” you want your adult dog to be depends on the training when it is still a puppy – an untrained dog will still have accidents in the house if you failed to properly house break it.