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Hey! That Bug’s a Lady!

Our Kids Video Book About Ladybugs

Interesting Video Book For Kids About Ladybugs

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Children's Book About LadyBugs

Even if you hate bugs, the ladybug seems to be the one most people think are cute and don’t even mind if it lands on them. This may be because the ladybug is one of the more friendly and pretty bugs – with their bright red bodies and black spots. Plus, how bad could a bug be with “lady” in its name?

Ladybug Eating A leaf

The ladybug may be considered nice looking by us, but that bright color is a reminder to its predators that it tastes awful. However, just to be sure this little bug doesn’t stop there. When it feels threatened it secretes a foul tasting liquid from the joints in its legs. So even if a bird tries to eat the ladybug it will soon learn its lesson. In addition to trying to stay away from birds, the ladybug also has to defend itself against frogs, spiders, dragonflies and wasps.

This little red bug only measures about 0.3 to 0.4 inches (8 to 10 millimeters) in length but it has a voracious appetite. […]

The Self-Esteem Elevation for Children Program

Success in life and the achievement of a person’s full potential is greatly determined by one’s childhood experiences and teachings. A person’s intelligence level, IQ, is static and has been scientifically proven to contribute only 20% of a person’s success. Emotional intelligence, dynamic and thus can be influenced, contributes the remaining 80% of a person’s success. It is therefore critical for an individual to understand, appreciate and live in harmony with himself or herself and the society in general in order to realize their maximum potentials. It is when we are young that we can be molded behaviorally and lay a foundation of our adult personality.

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Self-esteem is a crucial component of emotional intelligence. It is the acceptance and pride in oneself as useful and capable of undertaking any activity and situation with confidence. It is the opposite of looking down on oneself and instead facing life’s challenges with no fear or doubts of failure. If achieved, self-esteem plays an important part in acquiring self-actualization and realization of all the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

A person’s self-esteem can easily be developed or diminished when they are young. It is at the tender age of 6 that positive or negative life experiences impacts the attitude one creates towards themselves. The created attitude can be favorable or may as well turn unfavorable to their personality. Favorable attitude leads to high self-esteem that is good to the children, impacting long into their adult lives. A happy kid is as a result of high […]

Come Fly With Me

Our Kids Video Book About Airplanes

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Children's Book About Airplanes

We depend on airplanes to get us to our destinations quickly and with ease. But where did it all start? With the Wright Brothers; Orville and Wilbur. These two ingenious men are considered America’s aviation pioneers. Even though other inventors were working on flight at the time, the Wright brothers were the first to do it successfully. It was a historic day on December 17th, 1903 when the brother’s plane first soared high. This is in part due to their invention of the 3-axis control. This allowed the pilot to effectively fly the plane, keeping it up in the air.

Airplane Taking Off in a RunwayNow that we know who invented the airplane and our ability to fly, how does it work? Why do thousands of pounds of weight stay up in the air, defying all the laws of gravity?

First of all the wings on the plane play a major role in control. Airplane wings are designed with an airfoil shape. Simply put when an airplane is flying the […]

Our Planet. Our Home

Our Kids Video Book About Planet Earth

Interesting Video Book For Kids About Planet Earth

All About Planet Earth

Children's Bokk About Planet EarthPlanet Earth. It’s the third planet from the sun. The place called home by every living species and where we keep our stuff. It’s perfectly designed with gravity, oxygen, water and everything it needs to sustain life. Let’s take a trip around the earth to discover what she’s all about.

A Rendered Presentation of Planet Earth with Caption.Out of all the planets discovered we are the only one that can sustain life. Our atmosphere contains 21 percent oxygen and it is the only one with liquid water on its surface. Without these we would just be another rock floating around the sun. Earth is also the only inner planet to have one large moon. And as you probably know, the moon is paramount in the pull of our tides and also gives us the minute lengthening (or shortening) in each of our days.

Layers of the EarthThe earth is 7,928 miles (12,760 kilometers) around the diameter or the equator. We are also […]

So Many Breeds of Dogs How Do You Choose?

Our Kids Video Book About Breeds of Dogs

Interesting Video Book For Kids About Breeds of Dogs


All About Breeds of Dogs


Book Cover of: Breeds of DogsDogs truly are a human’s best friend. They are always there to provide a furry shoulder to cry on, an ear (or two) to listen and they give us hours of entertainment. Whether you have a lovable mutt or a prized show dog, the canine promises to be loyal throughout its lifetime. But what if you are just starting to look for a dog or puppy? Where do you begin?

different kind and different color of dogs There are 175 registered dog breeds in the American Kennel Club (AKC) so your choices are wide. However, each breed is broken in categories; Companion Dogs, Hunting Dogs, Guard Dogs, Herding Dogs and Working Dogs. Each breed comes with certain attributes and personalities. This makes it easier to narrow down your decision.

German Shepherd Dog sitting back Before […]