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Why A Good Book Review At Amazon Is Important To How Amazon Shows A Book

learn-about-how-to-get-free-kindle-books-resized For some, nothing beats the traditional way of reading. The satisfaction that they’d get from holding a real book is just priceless. However, due to the innovation of modern technology, reading a book has now been taken to a whole new level, or make that dimension. Since the arrival of Kindle books, the books are now kept and be read virtually.

Amazon Kindle is a small hand-held electronic device developed by the guys from Amazon. The reason why Kindle books are well loved is because of the reading experience that it brings to its users; it is like reading a real book, only that its not made of paper.

Customer Reviews Block ExampleThe latest model that this flagship device from amazon has brought to the market today is the Paper white. A very lightweight device that you can carry anytime, anywhere and. Even though the device is extremely light and portable, you can still keep a huge number of books in it; approximately 1,400 eBooks all in all. It has a six-inch screen plus a small keyboard that lets you make internet searches and other pretty simple web-oriented activities. It’s basically the all in one device for all ages.

Good Reviews: How important is it?

See All Customer Reviews humorThere are thousands of Kindle books sold at, most of them offer a good reading experience, while there are some that are just mediocre or even so so. It is very important that a particular kindle book gets good reviews from people who bought and who actually […]

How do you send a kindle book as a gift during a free book promotion at Amazon?

a-kid-playing-with-bubbles-resizedHave you wondered how do can send a kindle book as a gift during a free book promotion at Amazon?I would like to show you step by step on how to do it.

Amazon has a ready feature known as, ‘Give as a Gift’ which is the one you can use to send a Kindle book to someone through email. This feature is quite handy for promoting eBooks more especially to authors. All one needs is to drive more sales to his Kindle eBook by letting other people to give it out as a gift ; once one does this, he/she will realize that the rank for his/her book’s sales page starts to improve and it will eventually be more visible on Amazon, hence increasing his/her overall sales.

Customer Reviews Block ExampleFor instance, if one accept to speak at a conference or an event, and ask the event organizers or host to give all those who have attended a copy of his/her Kindle bulletin.

See All Customer Reviews humorThe organizer would then proceed to Amazon & use the give as a ‘Gift option’. This feature allows him or her to electronically email a redemption code to every attendee, one by one. The only thing the attendees get is a bonus, whereas the author gain increase in his /her sales, new readers & improve his/her overall sales rank at Amazon!

Yes, it is really as simple as ABC as you can see. This feature is used to give away bonus books to any first fifty people or attendees who register […]

What Devices can I read Amazon Kindle Books on?


Amazon has ensured that their newly launched Kindle Books are more flexible to readers. Enthusiasts don’t require a kindle appliance to enjoy their eBooks. There are certain apps that can be downloaded by the buyer to start enjoying the digital book. These applications can be placed on modern devices such as tablets, PCs and smartphones.

With Whispersync technology from Amazon, users can easily save and harmonize various pages, notes, bookmarks and other relevant highlights. This literally means that one can start reading his favorite manuscript on one machine, and then pick up from where they left on another gadget.

See All Customer Reviews humorOther devices that can be used include:

a) iPod touch & iPhone
b) BlackBerry
c) Android Tablet
d) iPad

Kindle is currently Amazon’s best-selling digital book reader. Due to this amazing tool, we can now access more than a million newspapers, magazines and books at our own convenience.

colorful letters with i love learning

The Cloud Reader

This is definitely the best method of reading eBooks. One can access online libraries and read various books at a single click. Moreover, it allows people to access manuscripts on offline mode after downloading. The application may also be accessed directly from Amazon’s website. Since it’s an official web app, this technology is easy to open from where the user is located, all across the world. Cloud reader doesn’t need any ulterior installations for it to work. In short, the software is self supportive.

Upon launching the application, you would be asked whether to facilitate offline reading mode. If you agree, then the […]

How to do a Kindle Book Review at Amazon


Slowly but steadily, the Amazon Kindle is growing in popularity among avid readers. Even though there are still lots of die-hard paper fans out there, many prefer the simplicity and portability of reading e-books with the Kindle. The device is very convenient to carry, and it can save lots of volume if you want to read, say, a fantasy trilogy in a weekend. Compared to the classic approach of ordering a book, or visiting an actual bookstore to obtain literature, the electronic device saves a lot of time, and it can be helpful when you’re picking new, interesting books due to the amount of reviews available in the Amazon website.

See All Customer Reviews humor

Reviews are very important, because they can point out what the public thinks about a book. The title of the book might be captivating, the cover may look interesting, but what you’d really want to trust is a person who has read through the whole book and knows if it’s any good or not. That is what makes reviews so important in the end.

Let’s say you’ve just read a nice title, and you want to praise the book you’ve read to others who are wondering whether or not to read it. If you want to leave a review, you can do it with your Kindle device as well as with the PC. To leave a review with the Kindle:

All Gifted Children Review

Children are all different and geniuses in their own right. Many parents use different metrics to measure their child’s growth, including creativity, comprehension, reading, and general understanding of languages. Those who do not perform so well according to these metrics are considered below average.

Today, most parents have admitted that their kids may be slow in class with bad results, but can grow to be the world’s next big thing. It is for this reason that each and every parent should visit and learn how they can turn their kids into instant geniuses. This is where you get to relate with other parents and see how they helped their kids find determination and become successful. This is about one parent, a mother of two kids- a genius and highly gifted kid, who had scored it big in the academic field.

All Gifted Children offers a simple technique of how to turn your kids into geniuses and also help them achieve their highest potential. Here you get to learn a number of things including:

A kid reading a book in a yellow chairHow to develop and improve your child’s auditory and visual memory to the maximum, How to help your child read faster, understand more and remember things effortlessly and easily in order to become brilliant, How to train your child to become a leader, How you can develop your […]