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Children's Book About Disney WorldDisney resorts have the reputation for being “the greatest place on earth.” If you ask any kid that has ever been there, they would most likely agree. Disney World is located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida and is considered a city. It covers 47 square miles (75 kilometers) of land and is the second of these small cities to open, the first being Disneyland.

The Signature View from the Magical World of DisneylandDisney World is becoming more and more popular. Since its opening on October 1st, 1971, more than 52.5 million people walk through their gates each year. It’s hard to believe a simple man could build this mega-conglomerate and still have it growing bigger and better each year.

6 Cents USA StampWalt Disney was born, Walter Elias Disney and was born on December 5th, 1901. Before he became the mastermind behind the mouse he worked as a cartoonist, businessman, producer and showman. It is said that Walt also had his hand in designing theme parks, prior to creating his own.

A Photo of a Happy Kid with Mickey Mouse in DisneylandMickey Mouse has given mice everywhere a hero to worship and kids a fun character to play along with. However, Mickey was originally named Mortimer. It was Walt’s wife, Lillian, who had him change it. She thought Mickey was a better and more appealing name. We can only wonder if Mortimer would have been as big of a hit as Mickey is today – perhaps she was right!

A View of Different Rides with the Picture of Mickey Mouse in Disneyland Disney theme parks are known for their thrilling rides and awesome adventures. One of the most exciting tours has got to be the space-age theme in the Star Tours. This will have you and your kids thrilled while riding in a 3D simulator. Once it whisks you away into a space-like reality in the Starspeeder 1000, you will embark on a journey through the realm of Star Wars with Princess Leia, R2-D2 and even Darth Vador.

Mickey Mouse Wizard TopiaryTo add extra thrills and chills to this adventure, you will not know where you are going to land. You could find yourself with the Wookies, on the icy landscape of the Hoth, or in a desert or a city. For a fabulous time, you might even wind up underwater or in a battle with the creepy guy himself, Darth Vador. How ever your trip pans out, it is sure to be thrilling.

Stars in SpaceAnother space journey Disney provides is Mission: Space. This tour will take you on a simulated trip to the martian territory of Mars. This realistic ride will take you on a course to the red planet, strapped in and flying past the moon, meteorites and nebulas. In addition, you can even pick your intensity level – green means calm and orange means high intensity.

Walter Disney StatueWalt Disney did an outstanding job putting together this amusement park. In fact, it is the standard to beat for all other amusement parks. Disney had a vision, but only lived to be 65 years-old. However, he did live long enough to see his dream through and to make Disney, the greatest place on earth.

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  1. Mathew Bradereck January 10, 2014 at 5:58 am

    Staying at a Disney Resort means being surrounded by magic 24 hours a day, and also being close enough to hop back to the hotel for a snack, nap or dip in the pool.

  2. Jim Corrie January 13, 2014 at 3:15 pm

    I am really amazed on what Walter Disney did for us all. His legacy will still continue through the next generations because he created this theme park that children and adults can totally enjoy. I strongly believe that in this type of place, an experience of enjoyment and a day of laughter for every people who will visit the place. If I will be given a chance, I want to be there too soon.

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