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The Self-Esteem Elevation for Children Program

Success in life and the achievement of a person’s full potential is greatly determined by one’s childhood experiences and teachings. A person’s intelligence level, IQ, is static and has been scientifically proven to contribute only 20% of a person’s success. Emotional intelligence, dynamic and thus can be influenced, contributes the remaining 80% of a person’s success. It is therefore critical for an individual to understand, appreciate and live in harmony with himself or herself and the society in general in order to realize their maximum potentials. It is when we are young that we can be molded behaviorally and lay a foundation of our adult personality.

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Self-esteem is a crucial component of emotional intelligence. It is the acceptance and pride in oneself as useful and capable of undertaking any activity and situation with confidence. It is the opposite of looking down on oneself and instead facing life’s challenges with no fear or doubts of failure. If achieved, self-esteem plays an important part in acquiring self-actualization and realization of all the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

A person’s self-esteem can easily be developed or diminished when they are young. It is at the tender age of 6 that positive or negative life experiences impacts the attitude one creates towards themselves. The created attitude can be favorable or may as well turn unfavorable to their personality. Favorable attitude leads to high self-esteem that is good to the children, impacting long into their adult lives. A happy kid is as a result of high […]

Hooked On Phonics

Hooked on Phonics logoFor those who want to give their growing toddler the very best with a well designed home-learning program to give them a head-start, Hooked on Phonics is the right choice. This is a colorful, fun and easy way that makes use of phonics programs to introduce your child to the world of education, in a way that is not boring on repetitive, but rather engaging and visually interesting. The program comes complete with workbooks for every stage, and while some pages will concentrate on visual learning aids, others will also introduce a child to alphabets and words that are appropriate for their learning age. To keep it versatile, each storybook has been done by different illustrators and authors to add more variety, and the quality of art, form and content is very high quality.


bother and son learning to read at homeThe good news, however, is that while there is so much variety to keep a child intrigued, the format for the workbooks stays the same throughout the program. This allows your little one to get used to the streamlined process that has been designed to ensure that learning becomes fun for every child. The focus is on nurturing and encouraging the thirst for knowledge, rather than depending on an old-fashioned way to cram and learn things that might seem to be a little too-much’ for the child to digest and process in one sitting. Instead, what the Hooked on […]

Children Learning Reading Review

choose the path of success for your child

You can purchase the Children Learning Reading system from when you want an effective way of reaching your child how to read and at the same time avoid the common mistakes parents make. In this review, the effectiveness and potential drawbacks that you might experience when using the system will be discussed. You should be able to determine whether the Children Learning Reading system is the ideal option for you or not by the end of this review.


How the Children Learning Reading system works


The developer of Children Learning Reading system designed it in such a way that it would assist his children to know how to read. The goals that he had included making the lessons short so as to maintain the attention span of the child and still be effective even at an early age. The system has been revised as he raised his three children.


The common belief all over the world is that parents have the major responsibility of ensuring that their children know how to read. This should not be left to computer programs, TV, applications, videos or even the education system. Therefore for children to be able to learn how to read effectively they will require the constant attention of one or both parents. This is what you should always have in mind; however, you will only be required to spend 5 to 15 minutes only teaching the child every day. This system also allows […]

The Home Scholar Review

the home scholar logoHomeschooling simply refers to the process of providing education to a student, at the comfort of his or her home. Over the recent past, many people are embracing the act of homeschooling because of reasons such as; convenience, more so it provides the best possible environment for learning. As a result, one will concentrate on the studies much more, by avoiding distractors in their daily lives. Additionally, the aim of providing homeschooling is that, each student truly deserves a college- preparation education. Moreover, this is whether they decide to enroll to the higher institution such as, colleges or not. I strongly believe every student deserves to learn, and not just learning but they require best studies, which homeschooling guarantees you that.  

Picture of a Story of HopeNonetheless, Home Scholar is very affordable due to the relatively lesser charges the teacher require, as they always put the students need first before anything. More so, most parents have the capacity to provide robust education to their children. Owing to the fact that education is the key to life, then parents have no choice, but to create a good foundation for their children, lest they have no good will for the children. However, it is advisable to join homeschooling while at the high school level, due to reasons such as; this […]

All Gifted Children Review

Children are all different and geniuses in their own right. Many parents use different metrics to measure their child’s growth, including creativity, comprehension, reading, and general understanding of languages. Those who do not perform so well according to these metrics are considered below average.

Today, most parents have admitted that their kids may be slow in class with bad results, but can grow to be the world’s next big thing. It is for this reason that each and every parent should visit and learn how they can turn their kids into instant geniuses. This is where you get to relate with other parents and see how they helped their kids find determination and become successful. This is about one parent, a mother of two kids- a genius and highly gifted kid, who had scored it big in the academic field.

All Gifted Children offers a simple technique of how to turn your kids into geniuses and also help them achieve their highest potential. Here you get to learn a number of things including:

A kid reading a book in a yellow chairHow to develop and improve your child’s auditory and visual memory to the maximum, How to help your child read faster, understand more and remember things effortlessly and easily in order to become brilliant, How to train your child to become a leader, How you can develop your […]