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Going Batty

Our Kids Video Book About Bats


Interesting Video Book For Kids About Bats


All About Bats

Children's Books About BatsYou may hate when they fly around your head on a dark gloomy night, but bats are truly a marvel of nature. Check this out. Bats aren’t really blind, but they do use echolocation to make their way to the top of your head. They send out a beep and when it hits something it bounces back to them. This gives the bat an idea of how close they are to an object. The bat is also the only mammal that is capable of flight. Its wings are actually a rubbery webbing that is attached from a long claw on the tip, back to underneath its shoulders.

A Bat FlyingThere are around 1,240 species of bats that range in size from that of a large bumblebee to a small cat. The Bumblebee bat is found in limestone caves along the rivers of Thailand and Burma. Unfortunately, these little guys are endangered due to the loss of their habitat. On the other wing, the Flying Fox bat can have a wingspan of around four feet (1.5 meters). This bat has a cute fox-like face and is found in the southeast Asia regions.

Fruit Bat Eating

Let’s Look at Swimming

Our Kids Video Book About Swimming

Interesting Music Video Book For Kids About Swimming

All About Swimming

Children's Book About SwimmingYou may love it or hate it, or even be somewhere in between, but swimming is here to stay. We do it on vacations, for recreation and even in competition. It’s a great way to have fun and is also great exercise for your entire body.

The Girl Smiles While Swimming UnderwaterThe definition of swimming is the self-propulsion of a person (or animal) through water or a liquid. Seems simple enough, yet swimming can be one of the most frightening phobias to overcome – after all, nobody has ever drowned from walking on the dry ground. But scientifically it has been discovered that only weeks after birth a human can hold their breath underwater and possess basic swimming skills. I wish someone would have told me that sooner, as I never did master the technique of swimming beyond the doggy paddle.

Happy Children in a Swimming ClassIn some countries of the world, swimming is mandatory to teach (and learn) in schools. Strangely enough, we use swimming to lose weight, but the more body fat you possess the more buoyant your body will be in the water. However, […]

Come Visit France

Our Kids Video Book About France

Interesting Music Video Book For Kids About France

All About France

Children's Book About FranceFrance is a must-see for many vacationers. It is filled with culture, history, landmarks, fine food and wine and stunning countrysides. In fact, for more than two decades, France has held its number one position as the most popular place to visit. And people know it. France receives more than 82 million tourists from all over the world each year. Let’s take a look at just some of what France has to offer you for your next vacation.

The Flag of FranceFirst on our list is one of Europe’s oldest cities and also France’s second largest. Marseille is located off the southeast coast and has all sorts of things to venture among. Check out the Roman ruins or the medieval architecture, plus it also has a number of distinguished cultural venues along with several universities and industries. In addition, Marseille’s climate is always awesome!

The Map of France with Complete LabelThe sprawling city of Lyon is a great cultural hub of France. It is located in east-central France and is the capital of the Rhone department in the Rhone-Alpes region. It […]

Lizards, Lizards Everywhere

Our Kids Video Book About Lizards

Interesting Music Video Book For Kids About Lizards

All About Lizards

Children's Book About lizards

Out of all the reptiles on the planet, lizards have got to be some of the coolest. There are around 9,766 species of the lizard and these reptiles are found in most areas of the world. They have been garden-helpers, keeping the insect population under control, as well as delighting children and adults as an exotic (yet manageable) pet. Let’s take a trip down lizard-lane to learn more about these fascinating reptiles.

Uromastyx aegyptiusLike other reptiles, the lizard is cold-blooded and therefore needs an external heat source to keep it warm. If you visit some of the tropical regions of the world, you can see various lizards warming themselves on the sidewalks or along the walls of buildings.

A Chameleon on a String of a Tree BranchOne of the interesting things about certain lizards are their eyes. Take the Chameleon for example, the eyes on this lizard are cone-shaped and stick up out of the body. These can move independently of each other and provides this reptile with 360 degree vision. This comes in handy when trying to avoid predators or when hunting for food. Other […]

Pick a Whale, Any Whale

Our Kids Video Book About Whales

Interesting Music Video Book For Kids About Whales

All About Whales

Children's book About WhalesWhales are awesome. They are some of the biggest mammals on the planet and are a wonder to see when we can catch of glimpse of them in their natural habitat.

Even if you have never seen a whale, you should know that they are not a fish. Fish have scales, breathe oxygen through a set of gills and lay eggs for their young to emerge from. Whales, on the other fin, have to surface to breathe, give birth to their young live and have a rubbery feel to their bodies. They are also warm-blooded and move their tails in an up-down motion to propel themselves through the water.

A Cartoon Illustration of a Boy and a Girl Riding on a Killer WhaleThe whale’s body is extremely streamline, regardless of its size or species and are well-adapted to living in the ocean waters. Whales also have very powerful tails and use them for not only swimming, but also for breaching, spyhopping, lobtailing and logging.

Breaching is when a whale jumps out of the water and returns with a huge splash. Spyhopping is when a whale peeks its […]