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The Truth About Tonsils

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All About Tonsils

Children's Book About tonsilsYou may remember as a child having a throat so sore it felt like you were swallowing a knife? It was most likely your tonsils acting up. Let’s look at the small tonsil that can create a world of pain.

The Anatomical Representation of the TonsilsAt the very basic, the two tonsils are clumps of tissue (one on the right the other on the left) and are located at the very back of your throat – a trained hand can feel them from the outside. These are here to fight the bacteria that comes through the nose and throat. Usually they are effective enough in stopping any nasty stuff from entering the rest of the body; however, they too can become infected.

A Child Asking For A help From The DoctorIf you end up with tonsillitis your throat will hurt and you will have difficulty chewing, swallowing and even talking. The tonsils become red and swollen with a yellow or white coating on the tonsils, swollen glands in your neck, bad breath and a fever. Of course, a doctor is the best one to determine if you do indeed have tonsillitis and the best way to treat it – antibiotics or surgery.

Femal doctor examining childTonsillitis can be either viral or bacterial. If the tonsils become infected due to a nasty viral bug, then they will advise you to rest and drink plenty of fluids. If it is bacterial, it is most likely streptococci. The doctor will determine this by a throat swab and if positive for strep you will be put on an antibiotic to fight the infection.

A Kid With Mouth Wide Open Showing His TonsilsSo when does tonsillitis turn into a tonsillectomy? Usually when the tonsils are becoming infected too often, or if it is affecting your breathing. Kids are more prone to having a problem with their tonsils and are usually the ones that end up having them removed.

Virus in blood - Scanning Electron Microscopy stylisedThe surgery is relatively short and simple – taking around 20 minutes to perform. The person is under an anesthetic and will remain asleep throughout the entire process. The tonsils are removed without any incisions and recovery is usually about a week. Of course, after the surgery the patient usually gets to eat lots of ice cream. This is partially due to the fact that ice cream is cold and helps soothe the throat, as well as most patients are reluctant to eat after surgery due to the discomfort and pain.

Child having physical exam at the doctorThe medical profession has made strides to the normal process of tonsil removal. This new surgery is called, Intracapsular tonsillectomy. This is done the same as the normal tonsillectomy except the surgeon will leave a small portion of the tonsil tissue left behind. This results in less pain after surgery, a faster recovery time and less pain relief medication. And since only a small piece of tissue is left behind, the reoccurrence of having the surgery done again is less than 1 percent.


Tonsils can be a pain, but at least they can be easily removed. For more information on tonsils, research on the web or ask a your doctor.

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  1. Scarette Johansen January 7, 2014 at 3:08 am

    We all perceived that our tonsils is plays an important part in our body because it is a part of our lymphatic system where it protects our body from infections. There are some types of tonsillitis including acute tonsillitis where a bacteria or virus infects the tonsils, causing swelling and a sore throat. Our children must know this as well. It is a good idea if we will let our kids discover what is a tonsil, what is a tonsillitis, and what is a tonsillectomy. Generally, this will improve their knowledge related to their body parts.

  2. Renee Zillweggar January 8, 2014 at 10:18 am

    Everybody’s heard of tonsils. But not everyone knows what tonsils do or why they may need to be removed. Knowing the facts can help alleviate the fears of both parents and kids facing a tonsillectomy.

  3. Jim Pattersen January 8, 2014 at 10:31 am

    Preventing tonsils is easy, inexpensive and painless and it can save you a lot of embarrassment and discomfort.

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  5. […] for kids like Kindle Book About Tonsils, Tonsaillitis and Tonsilectomy.You can also directly visit A Reading Place to figure out additional data and exciting books from […]

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