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If it wasn’t for science we would never have discovered the laws of electricity, gravity, space, time and heaps of other principles. Science can be a fascinating topic for children as well, if we can produce an action and reaction they can see and experience. Simple do-it-yourself projects can draw your child into the world of science and keep them wanting more. In addition, they will also witness the principles put into motion.

There are several simple projects you can do at home with your child. We all have heard about the Mentos being dropped into the cola bottle. This spewing reaction has been videoed many times. Although, it is still cool, there are other science projects just as fun and a lot less messy. Check these out.

Make a glowing light that will intrigue and delight your child for hours. All you need is a glass jar with a tight fitting lid and some glow sticks. Wearing gloves, cut the glow stick into the jar. These sections can be any length, but around 2 inches gets the liquid out nicely. Once all the glow sticks are in the jar, tightly screw on the lid and shake. Now turn the lights out to see your glowing creation. For a different look, try using different colored glow sticks. This project is great for camping or sleep overs.

Remember the old lava lamps that magically shifted around the hot wax? These are still available today and are still just as fascinating (at least to me). Help your kids make their very own (temporary) lava lamp out of a few basic ingredients. You will need a clean 1 liter plastic bottle, red food dye (or any color), half of a fizzing tablet (Alka Seltzer) water and vegetable oil.

Take the bottle and pour ¾ quarters of a cup of water into it, now fill it almost to the top with vegetable oil. Wait a few minutes for it to separate, then add 10 drops of the food coloring. Finally, break the fizzing tablet in half, drop it in then stand back and watch your blobby fun begin. To keep this action going, just keep adding the fizzing seltzers.

This next experiment will teach the kids about electricity and electrons. You will need an empty soda can, a blown up balloon and someone’s head of hair. Take the can and place it on a smooth surface (floor or table top), now rub the balloon through your hair vigorously. Without touching the can, put the balloon in front of it. The can should follow the balloon across the table. This can also be done with small bits of tissue paper. Rib the tissue up then place the balloon near them. These small squares should leap onto the balloon then back off again.

Let’s make science fun for kids. These simple experiments not only teach us about the principles of science at its very core, but are also an entertaining way to see science in action.

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  1. Mathew Bradereck January 10, 2014 at 6:16 am

    This kid video books provide students with an opportunity to further their understanding of the risks and benefits associated with innovations in science and technology

  2. Jim Corrie January 13, 2014 at 4:06 pm

    That’s true! Science is always amazing, Science is always fun. If you notice, Science is everything around us. Everything we see, smell and hear. Science is a thing that everybody knows about. Kids should try different simple experiments regarding science and I am pretty sure that they will be amazed and at the same time, they will learn a lot from it. This video book is highly recommendable!

  3. Allen Rodriguez January 13, 2014 at 4:34 pm

    Learning Science is very interesting and fun. On the other hand, it is sometimes very challenging though. In Science, I perceived that many kids are really enjoying their studies. Kids should start reading this book so that they can know what Science activities they can do at home with their group of friends.

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