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Children's Book About Polar BearsPolar bears are the largest of all the land predators and also the largest of all the bears. It is highly recognized by its white fur and black eyes and nose. These magnificent beasts live on the cold shores of the Arctic where they hunt, mate, eat and sleep.


Polar Bear With Yellow Furr in the snowThe polar bear is well suited to this icy region. Under that thick layer of waterproof white fur is black skin that absorbs the sunlight. They also have a thick layer of blubber (like the whale and seal) to help insulate them from this rough climate.


Polar Bears Wrestling Each Other in the SnowThe massive paws of the polar bear are very useful. They are not only covered in a thick layer of fur but the pads on the bottom of its feet have a suction-cup like grip that keeps it from slipping. In addition, it also has sharp claws that act as ice-picks to further keep the polar bear from sliding around on this icy tundra, as well as enabling the female to dig her den. The front and back paws are both webbed to help propel the bear through the water. These “flippers” of sort allows the polar bear to swim 100 miles (161 kilometers) at a stretch.


White Polar Bear Cub WalkingGenerally polar bear males grow between 720 and 1,700 pounds (363 and 771 kilograms) and measure about 10 feet long (3 meters). However, the most staggering measurement would be this bears’ height. On its hind legs it stands as tall as a one-story building!


Polar Bear Hunting a Seal under the IcePolar bears eat mostly seals and have a sneaky way of catching them. Since the seal needs to come up for air, the polar bear will find a breathing hole in the ice. Here it will sit in silence until a seal pokes its head up. Once the seal has surfaced the polar bear strikes, grabbing the seal by the head or neck with its sharp, jagged teeth. These giant bears have also been known to stalk seals as they rest on the ice flow or grab them underwater.


Two Polar Bears Walking and Looking for FoodsFemale polar bears mate and get pregnant in the autumn. She will dig a deep den from the snow banks and earth. Here she will stay and give birth to 1 to 3 cubs. Interestingly enough, the mother polar bear can go up to 8 months without feeding. Once springtime dawns she will emerge with the cub or cubs. She will nurse them for about 2.5 years and also teach them how to hunt. The mother is fiercely protective of her young and will fight for their lives if she feels threatened.


The Polar Bear in a Den and Waiting for FoodUnfortunately, due to their habitat loss, the polar bear is now on the endangered species list. Estimates show perhaps around 25,000 of these mammals are left in the wild. This number may not seem low, but it has dropped significantly over the years. Habitat loss and global warmer is shrinking the ice flows these bears depend on for hunting.


However, they have been awarded a protection status and plans are underway to help regain their numbers.


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