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Children's Book About Outdoor GamesWith computers, the internet and video games at our disposal we are losing the drive to go outside. Kids and adults need to peel themselves out of the world of technology and get back to some good ole outdoor fun. You may not want to do this and most likely your kids will put up a fight, but they will have a blast – they just don’t know it yet.

Circle of FriendsRegardless of the season, you can make up or find outdoor games for any time of the year. After a long winter, spring is a time to let the kids stretch their legs. Set up a game of tag or bring out the sidewalk chalk and create a hopscotch board. Skipping is a great game to play by yourself, or invite the kid’s friends over and have a double-dutch tournament. If ordinary activities can be turned into a fun competition and game, kids will enjoy the challenge and be more excited to get involved..

People Squirt Opponents In Group Water Gun FightOnce summer comes and the weather is warm, outdoor games are easier to initiate. A scavenger hunt is the perfect outdoor game for birthday parties or just to spend some quality time outdoors. You can set this up in a park, campground or even in your own backyard. Get creative and watch your kids enjoy themselves away from the computer.

Children on bikesSummertime is also the perfect season to have a game of soccer, baseball or touch football. Gather the neighborhood kids and be their “coach” for an afternoon of fun. You will have a blast and the neighborhood parents will be happy for your initiative. If you have a swimming pool or have access to a lake, there are plenty of games to be held. Diving, holding your breath, swimming laps or a game of beach volley ball are great games to pass the time and to be outdoors.

Children Playing with Marbles Isolate on White BackgroundOnce the cold chill of winter sets in, your kids may be reluctant to go outside, so make it more appealing. If you have a lot of snow, build a couple of snowman to see who’s is the biggest or ch

allenge your kids to see if they can make a bigger snowball then you. If you are really brave, then have a snowball fight, just be careful of the windows. You can also make a game out of shovelling the driveway. Challenge the kids to see who can dig the fastest, the longest or the largest area. Give them a time limit and let them go. However, if your kids are older, they may catch on to the fact that you are just trying to get the work done faster.

3 Legged RaceWe are never to old to play outdoor games. If your kids see you having fun, they will automatically want to be involved. These build loving bonds and lasting memories. Start an outdoor game tradition with your kids when they are young and watch them do the same when they have their own children. After all, the family that play together, stay together.

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  1. Halley Barry January 9, 2014 at 6:08 am

    Playing outside as a child leads to a healthy adulthood, regular physical activity in childhood helps eliminate the development of risk factors that can lead to chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. T

  2. Keifer Sunderland January 9, 2014 at 6:09 am

    Play is the way children and young people explore the world around them and develop practical skills, allowing them to learn through curiosity, invention and persistence.

  3. Katy Kourick January 9, 2014 at 3:00 pm

    It is a must that kids will play outside to develop their mind in actual activities rather than playing more on virtual games or indoor activities. It is much better to do outdoor games because you will also help yourself to play with others in order for you to boost your kid’s confidence, communication and leadership skills. Outdoor games will also help kids to exercise for them to keep their body healthy and away from potential sickness.

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