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Children's Book About HeavenDo you believe in heaven or a form of an afterlife when we die? This may be a big concern and question for people. Currently there is 43 “religions” that are recognized in the world today. They all differ in certain areas and not all agree if there is a place called heaven.


A Beautiful Colorful Heaven Your belief system may have been instilled in you as a youngster or something you came to believe due to circumstances or a person you respected. It is a huge topic that has started wars and can tear families apart. Who is right has always been the subject of many religious debates and someday we will all know the answer and the truth.


a big hand showing the heavenMany people believe that if you are a good person, then your eternal reward must be heaven. This is a nice thought, but not all religions stop here. Take the Christian faith, it is the oldest religion and the one based on the Bible. The church and its followers believe that there is indeed a heaven, but it isn’t as simple as living a “good” life. You must be born-again and accept Jesus in order to be forgiven and enter into your eternal reward.


On the other side of the coin are the agnostics or atheists. This large group of people do not believe in a heaven (or hell), there are no practices and basically the life you are given is your only shot, plus we alone must solve our problems and the world’s as well.


Heaven Beneath the SpacceHowever, there are more than two sides to this coin. The Asatru religion (based on Norse gods and goddess) believe there are two heavens. Valhalla is a place where you go if you have died in battle, Hel is peaceful and for most, while Hifhel is for the very evil.


The Buddhists the other hand, believe that you go through this life trying to avoid suffering and to gain enlightenment. If you gain enough enlightenment then you are released from the cycle of rebirth, or at least, you can receive a better reincarnation then you presently have.


A Rainbow Above an Angel in the HeavenOne of the newer religions to hit the scene is Scientology. This has gained popularity with a number of big movie stars. This sect was started in 1954 by Ron L. Hubbard – famous for writing science fiction novels. This religion does not believe in a heaven, but rather reincarnation. They also practice the ridding of the mental pictures that play in our heads of a real or imagined threat to our well-being.


Of the 43 recognized religions most do recognize a heavenly place, its how one obtains it that differs. We only have one brief life here on earth and I would hope this isn’t all there is. A belief in heaven gives people hope, peace and comfort. When a loved-one passes we all want to believe they have gone on to a better place. A place where there is no more hurt and pain, but rather a place of love, happiness and eternal rest.


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