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In America, there are approximately 270 million firearms possessed by civilians, and only 897,000 carried by police.

This is a shocking statistic, but not a surprising one. It seems like everyone and their grandmother is toting a gun now. Why? Has the world gotten more dangerous? According to statistics, around 33,000 Americans in 2011 fell victim to gun-related deaths – or are we just arming ourselves more than we did 20 years ago?

Set of old pistolsI know people feel they have the right to have a firearm, but when the law states you don’t have to have a background check to purchase one from a private seller, what are we setting ourselves up for? These people may not be some ordinary Joe that just wants to use it for target practice or hunting. They could be anyone from a criminal, to a felon to someone with a mental issue. Do we really want to put guns in the hands of people who have already proven to have a history of criminal or unstable behavior?

Guns Of Honour. A Pair Of Dueling Pistols And CapsulesWith the numbers around 268 people shot everyday in the US alone, we can’t deny that guns are all too available and all too at the ready for people to use. The recent events of kids being shot in the classrooms only adds to this argument.

Criminals liked revolvers because they can be fired from a pocket.So where is the middle line? Where can people still have their rights, but keep the criminals unarmed? The answer is simple. As long as guns are being sold to the public, they will always be available to those who want to cause harm with them. Even if the laws were to tighten up on private sales, there will always be people who don’t listen and others who will steal what they want.

A hunter inside the jungleFor those of us who try to live a peaceful life without the protection of a weapon at-the-ready, this can be a scary and dangerous time to live in. I don’t want to have to purchase some pretty little pearl handled pistol to feel safe on a subway or walking alone at night. But, unfortunately, we are being pushed as a society to do so. And what about those who do fall under the fear-pressure and purchase a gun? When is a reasonable time to use it and when would it be considered excessive force? I don’t want someone to sneak up behind me and say “boo” then accidently shoot his head off. Not to mention the fact that carrying a gun can lead to it being stolen and used for more than just security purposes.

Two Crossed Flintlock PistolsThere’s no easy answer for the law of guns. They are here to stay and are growing in popularity. Think before you purchase a gun, especially if you have little ones in the house and be safe when using it.

As for the rest of us, all we can hope is that when the time comes for people to use them, we aren’t standing in the crossfire.

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