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Fish ~ More Than Just a Set of Gills

Our Kids Video Book About Fish

Interesting Video Book For Kids About Fish


All About Fish


Children's Book About FishI wonder if many of us ever stop and consider the fish – other than if we want it grilled or fried. Fish are found everywhere on earth. In fact, there is over 30,000 known species of the fish.


Small And Big Fishes under the OceanFor the most part people know very little about these amazing creatures. We do know they live underwater and breathe air through their gills, but did you know 1,000 fish species are on the verge of extinction? Or that some are so small they can fit on your thumbnail? While others rival the size of a bus?


Let’s take a look at some cool fish facts that will leave you amazed.


Three Clown fish like NemoFish don’t have vision like we do in 3D because their eyes are on each side of their heads. But what they do have is a heightened sense of smell. Females use their smell to help them locate a safe place to lay their eggs and the salmon uses its acute sense of smell to find its way back to its home spawning waters.


The fish also can taste their food before they eat it. Their taste buds are not only located on their tongues but also on their fins, face and tail regions.


Thousand Of Tuna Fishes TogetherIf I were to ask you what you think the world’s most common fish is, you would probably guess the tuna, salmon or maybe even a goldfish. However, you would be mistaken. The most common fish is one we will probably never see as it lives down to 250 fathoms (1500 feet or 457 meters) below the sea and is a master of camouflage.


Number Of Fishes Inside The AquariumThe Bristle mouth fish is tiny; in fact shrimp are its predator. This fish has a large mouth, tiny eyes and a stubby body. However, to its advantage it has two rows of light-emitting organs on its underside. These allow the little fish to not cast a shadow, therefore keeping it safe from larger predators.


Hammerhead Shark Looking AroundThe largest fish on the planet is the Whale Shark. This monstrous creature can grow up to 65 feet long (19 meters) and weigh as much as 40 tons! But don’t worry, this big fella is a filter eater which means it sucks in plankton and small fish as it swims along. Despite its size the whale shark has been known to let divers swim along beside it or to even hitch a ride on its back.


The Smallest Fish called ParasiteThe smallest fish in the world is a male parasite. This itty-bitty thing only measures about 0.25 inches long (6 millimeters). This species of Angler-fish is found in the Philippines and just floats through life. Literally, it attaches itself to the larger female of this species and lets her do all the swimming and the feeding for him.


Cute Red And White Stripe Fish Which is called Clown FishThis is just the tip of the fish iceberg when it comes to the many strange and unique qualities that fish possess. Fish are truly remarkable creatures even though we may take them for granted. From tropical to freshwater, they all have something that will intrigue and astound us. Check them out on more than just your menu to see for yourself.


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  2. Georgia Lucas December 31, 2013 at 2:50 am

    Interesting video book here. Everything you wanted to know about fishes and not just an ordinary fish that you found underwater but it also introduces you some rare fishes. Kids will love to watch and will surely gain more knowledge from this book.

    • Steven Spellborgh January 6, 2014 at 12:37 pm

      Yes, you’re right Georqia Lucas this video has a lot of information about fishes, and this good tools in introducing or teaching child about any kind of fishes. Not only the child will can gain more knowledge from this book but also their parents.

  3. Howie Stern January 6, 2014 at 12:20 am

    Fishes are not just food to eat. Fishes can also be interesting and educational because they have different varieties, different sizes, and different ways of living. I was astonished by the fact that whale sharks are really gentle even they are tremendously huge and looking dangerous. On the other hand, we people must protect our coral reefs for us and for the fishes so they can lay there eggs and they can reproduce even more.

  4. Cindy Crawfurde January 6, 2014 at 8:26 am

    We all perceived that there are different varieties of fishes that lives in different bodies of water. Some fishes can be considered and taken cared of as pets at home while some just need to be swim free in the sea. Kids will get some knowledge about this aquatic animals and they will know that they need to take care of their pet fish just by reading this video book page.

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