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    Cartoons for Children😃Two Syllable Words for Kids of First Grade. Reading and Writing Videos

Cartoons for Children😃Two Syllable Words for Kids of First Grade. Reading and Writing Videos

Cartoons for Children😃Two Syllable Words for Kids of First Grade. Reading and Writing Videos

Educational #cartoons in english #forKids and children are simple cartoons to explain kids different themes about science: Oceans, continents, water cycle, types of water on Earth, weather, clouds and so on.

This is the 12th education cartoon for kids about reading and writing. In this #videosForKids you will know about Two Syllable Words!

Kids of all ages will be interesting to see this cartoon!


Kids channel “Cartoons for kids” has many cartoons and videos for kids, children and toddlers.
In our channel you will find:
– music videos – educational songs for kids about: colours, english alphabet, counting, nature, geometric 2d and 3d shapes etc.
– educational cartoons and videos about math, alphabet (reading and writing), science and health, social studies and others.

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How to teach any child to read EASILY and FAST! AMAZING

In this video I show how I teach my child to read only three years old! This is a proven technique that I have used with all of my children. Teach your child to read phonetically in just one minute a day of practice you can have your child reading two and three letter words! Thousands of subscribers have told me they were able to successfully teach their kids to read easily with my technique! It works! Have a child who has problems reading try this!

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10 Lies About Homeschooling You Need to Ignore

One of the most important things a new homeschooler can do is to NOT listen to advice from people who have never homeschooled or never been homeschooled. Just save yourself the trouble and find someone with experience to give the real deal!

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How to Illustrate a Picture Book: Creating the Drawings

Stage by stage, demonstration of how I turn a page of emailed text from a publisher into a full set of line-drawings. How to plan your illustrations with thumbnail sketches, designing pages and redrawing with layout paper. Learn how to allow space for text, work around the centre gutter and use a computer along the way to help with fine-tuning. This is a detailed break-down of the process, by award-winning illustrator Lynne Chapman.


Word Family -at | Phonics Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Learn about the at word family. Word families are groups of words that have a common pattern. Word families, sometimes called phonograms or chunks, can help emergent readers by providing predictable patterns within words. Sing along with this at word family song.The first time through we give the beginning sound and the at word family ending sound. The second time through we give a chance for independent practice of the at word family.

When learning to read, patterns are important. Children recognize word patterns and this makes it easier to sound out words.

Sing and move with Jack as he introduces the at word family. These are words that all end with an and have different beginning sounds or blends.

Let’s learn lots of words in the at family
When you learn them they can help you write and read
Each one is different as they begin
But they all have at at the end

Look and listen and say the word

c at cat
b at bat
s at sat
m at mat
h at hat

Let’s learn lots of words in the at family
When you learn them they can help you write and read

f at fat
r at rat
fl at […]