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San Francisco Here I Come

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Children's Book About San Francisco

When you really get down and research all San Francisco has to offer, you will want to run to the airplane to start your adventure. San Fran has so many spectacular views, attractions and must-visit places, you will want to book yourself plenty of time to see it all. Let’s check out some of the famous places you have to put on your list.

The Golden Gate Bridge of San FranciscoOf course, the most talked about and must-see attraction in San Fran has got to be their famous bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge has appeared in many movies and books. It is not the oldest or longest suspension bridge, but the views from up there are amazing. You can see these views for yourself by taking a walking tour or even bike across this beauty. But bring a jacket as it can get pretty nippy that high up.

The Famous Alcatraz Island Jail in CaliforniaAnother famous and must-see attraction is Alcatraz Island. Home to one of the most infamous prisons ever, this site is located […]

Let’s Play Indoors

Our Kids Video Book About Indoor Activities

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All About Indoor Activities

Children's Book About indoor Activities It’s nice to get the kids outdoors, but sometimes this isn’t always possible. But no worries as there are plenty of indoor activities kids can engage in that doesn’t require a remote, or a game controller.

Group of Children Playing an Indoor Obstacle RaceWhen amusing kids indoors, it is often times easier to let the television or computer do the work; however, kids need some variety and a way to have fun outside of the technology. If your children are younger, let them set up an indoor campground. Couch cushions, a large sheet or blanket and the sofa itself can become a cozy tent. Add in a flashlight, some camp snacks and your kids can entertain themselves for hours. For added fun, do some microwave S’mores.

A Happy Beautiful Child Dressed in Grown-up Clothes Girls love to have dress-up parties, so invite a playmate over and let them go nuts in your closet and costume jewelry. After they have put together their outfits, then offer to do some light makeup on their eyes and lips. The girls will have a blast, especially […]

Let’s Get Active

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Children's book About Outdoor Activities

With obesity on the rise for both adults and children we need to be, not only encouraging healthy eating habits, but we must get active again. Computers, cell phones and fuel efficient vehicles have all added to our couch-potato habits and lifestyles. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Take advantage of the changing seasons to get active again. Every time of the year lends itself to outdoor activities.

Happy Little Girl Playing With BubblesSpring is a time of rebirth, so why not get out and explore? If you live in a colder climate where spring brings with it the first signs of warmer weather ahead, it is a good time to begin the spring cleaning. Bring the bikes out and get the kids involved in tuning it up. Grease the chain and make sure there is enough air in the tires, then go for a spin around the neighborhood. Your kids will have had fun being involved with the prep work and even more fun with the fruit of their labor.

Family With BunsSummertime is the best time to get outdoors. The […]

Games to Play Outdoors

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All About Outdoor Games

Children's Book About Outdoor GamesWith computers, the internet and video games at our disposal we are losing the drive to go outside. Kids and adults need to peel themselves out of the world of technology and get back to some good ole outdoor fun. You may not want to do this and most likely your kids will put up a fight, but they will have a blast – they just don’t know it yet.

Circle of FriendsRegardless of the season, you can make up or find outdoor games for any time of the year. After a long winter, spring is a time to let the kids stretch their legs. Set up a game of tag or bring out the sidewalk chalk and create a hopscotch board. Skipping is a great game to play by yourself, or invite the kid’s friends over and have a double-dutch tournament. If ordinary activities can be turned into a fun competition and game, kids will enjoy the challenge and be more excited to get involved..

People Squirt Opponents In Group Water Gun FightOnce summer comes and the weather is warm, outdoor games […]

Turtles, Terrapins or a Tortoise?

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All About Turtles

Children's Book About turtlesIt is funny how we think every reptile that wears a shell on its back is automatically a turtle. This just isn’t so. There are turtles, terrapins and the tortoise For the most part, the tortoise is pretty easy to distinguish from the other two. Tortoises live on land in the warmer parts of the world. They eat mostly plant material like, grasses, weeds, flowers, leafy greens and fruits. Plus, they can reach weights of over 400 pounds (181 kilograms)!

A Walking Desert TortoiseThe tortoise has a tremendous lifespan, some can live upwards to 85 years, while the Giant Tortoise has been known to reach over 150 years-old. Like their shelled-cousins, tortoises also dig burrows to lay their eggs in. Once the female covers her eggs up, she is finished with the mothering process and the hatched babies have to fend for themselves.

A Portrait of a Hawksbill TurtleThe mistake most people make when identifying a genuine turtle is confusing it with a terrapin. But its not difficult to do since there are over 300 different species of these shelled reptiles. Let’s look at the difference.