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Be Kind to Our Bees

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You may be terrified of them, but bees do play a very important role in earth’s ecosystem and in our very lives. Children's Book About BeesOther than making us run away when we see one buzzing around our heads, bees also pollinate a third of all of the fruit and vegetable crops we depend on everyday for healthy living.


A Colony Of BeesHowever, in the last few years bees have been dying off in what is known as the, Colony Collapse Disorder, which has beekeepers and environmentalists worried. Scientists believe the cause of their demise is related to the constant loss of their natural habitat, other invasive species, the overuse of farming pesticides and, of course, global warming.

Kids and Sports

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Children's Book About Kid's SportsAccording to the National Alliance for Sports, 20 million kids are registered each year for hockey, football, baseball and other types of sports. However, out of this vast number, 70 percent of these kids quit by the age of 13 and never return to it. We may assume it’s because, as kids grow and develop, they simply lose interest; however this isn’t always the cause. The National Youth Sports Coaches Association reports that our children are quitting because the sport for them is no longer fun to play.


Kids Playing American FootballAs parents we may have high hopes of our little player becoming a star athlete that goes on to become a pro at their sport. But the percentage of kids that are able to do this is low. So shouldn’t we go into these sports with the outlook that it is indeed a game? With the idea of letting them have fun, form good relationships and get some exercise while they’re at it?

Young Aspiring [...]


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Explore the World of Tigers

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Panthera tigris, or in laymen’s terms, the tiger, is the biggest species of wild cat in the world. And their distinctive reddish-orange and white bodies with the black stripes, probably makes them one of the most recognizable.


Portrait of a Swimming Siberian TigerThere are five subspecies of the tiger; Bengal, South China, Indochina, Sumatran, and Siberian. Some of the species live in southeast Asia and India where it is very cold. Even though all tigers are now endangered, we have lost the Caspian, Bali, and Javan, completely.


Close Up View of the Fur of a Tiger

The tiger’s population was once in the hundreds of thousands, but over the last 100 years, due to hunting and deforestation, the numbers of rapidly decline. The estimate is only around 2,500 of these animals left in their natural habitat. The tiger has also been hunted for their status as a trophy and for the many body parts […]

The King of the Jungle

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They are called king of the jungle and over the years have become king of our hearts. From television, books and film, the lion in all of its ways is truly a beast to be admired.

A lion Cub yawning

The lion is the second biggest cat (the tiger is number one). The average female can weigh up to 290 pounds (130 kilograms), while the average male is around 400 pounds (180 kilograms). However, there was one male lion that topped averages by over double. This fella weighed in at a whopping 826 pounds (375 kilograms)!

Close UP shot of a Male Lion

The lion is a tawny color with lighter and darker shades on its body. The male is known for his distinctive mane of fur around his head. The darker the mane the more likely the male will be to attract a mate. The lion’s mane also helps protect irs throat when in battle with another male.

The Stars of the Sea

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Children's Book About Sea starsThe fossilized remains of the starfish shows it dates back as far as 570 million years ago; however it wasn’t until 1705 that it was first recorded. At this time not much was known about the starfish, except it looked like a fish and lived in the sea. Today, we have learned more about this amazing creature, like it actually isn’t a fish. The starfish is an echinoderm, which is more closely related to the sand dollar and sea urchin. Because of this discovery scientists have changed their name to “sea stars.”

Red Spotted Sea StarThere is around 2,000 species of sea stars and they can be found in saltwater or brackish waters all over the world. They like the warm tropical waters as well as the cooler sea floor. In these waters the sea star will make its home among the coral reefs, kelp beds, rocky shores, sea grass and tidal pools. Some sea stars have also been known to live in the sand as deep as 20,530 feet (9,000 meters)