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Children's Book About CaliforniaFrom its wonderful climate to its picture perfect land, California is the place to be. California is the 31st state in America and is nicknamed the “Golden State” because of the seven-year gold rush that started in 1848. California has the third largest land mass at, 158,706 square miles (Alaska and Texas are bigger). Its borders include, Oregon (north), Baja California (a state of Mexico to the south), Nevada (east) and Arizona (southeast).


Sea shore In CaliforniaHere you will find a diverse population reaching upwards of 37 million people. In fact, one out of eight Americans lives in California. And it’s no wonder. This state has some of the most beautiful scenery and land mass one could ever imagine. From the rolling waters of the Pacific Ocean coast to the mighty Redwood forests, Mojave Desert and even the majestic mountains of the Sierra Nevada, California is never in lack of landscape wonders.

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Children's Book About AustraliaThere is something about Australia that has always captured the intrigue of people. Could it be the rugged terrain, the unique accent of her people, or just the mystic that seems to surround the country? Let’s explore what this member of the British Commonwealth has to offer.

Aerial View of the Great Barrier Reef in AustraliaAustralia is the sixth largest country in the world, but the smallest continent. It is divided up into six states and two territories. The capital is Canberra. Before this area was developed it was virtually untouched. It was, in fact, a Dutch explorer who first discovered Australia and named it New Holland. However, it wasn’t until 1770 that Captain James Cook explored what Australia really had to offer and renamed it, New England.

In 1788 Australia ended up being a prison colony for British convicts and stayed that way for more than 80 years. In this time period […]

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Children' book about Los AngelesEven though Los Angeles is not officially the hub of the United States it could be. This city boasts fashion, culture, government and movie status. The climate is wonderful and the career possibilities are where it is all at. Let’s check out this city of the stars.


Downtown Los Angeles at TwilightWe’ve all heard of young wannabes heading to LA to make it big. From fashion to acting and everything in between LA is the place to be. This city has approximately 87,000 jobs in fashion alone, topping that of even New York. In addition, you can pursue a career in the health and biomedical field with around 700,000 people already working at it. […]

Bugs and Insects Are Here to Stay


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Children's book about Bugs and Insects Did you know not all bugs are insects? Bugs are characterized by their tough fore-wings and lack of teeth, as in the beetle. A bug also gets its food through a straw-like mouth that sucks the juices from plants. Insects, on the other hand, have three-part bodies (head, thorax and abdomen) which may include two pairs of wings along with three pairs of legs. Bees and mosquitoes are good examples of insects.


Little Bugs on Flowers and LeavesInsects and bugs have been around for millions of years. Scientists estimate there is over one million species of insects on the earth and more are being discovered all the time. Another way to look at this is 3 out of 4 creatures on the planet today are insects and bugs. We are vastly outnumbered and it’s probably a good thing we […]

Religion and Heaven


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Children's Book About HeavenDo you believe in heaven or a form of an afterlife when we die? This may be a big concern and question for people. Currently there is 43 “religions” that are recognized in the world today. They all differ in certain areas and not all agree if there is a place called heaven.


A Beautiful Colorful Heaven Your belief system may have been instilled in you as a youngster or something you came to believe due to circumstances or a person you respected. It is a huge topic that has started wars and can tear families apart. Who is right has always been the subject of many religious debates and someday we will all know the answer and the truth.


a big hand showing the heavenMany people believe that if you are a […]