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Let’s Monkey Around

Our Kids  Video Book About Monkeys

Interesting Video Book For Kids About Monkeys

All About Monkeys

Children's Book About MonkeysBefore we get into the world of monkeys, the first thing you have to know is they are not apes. People tend is just clump the monkey and ape together, but there are many distinctions between the two. The easiest way to remember the difference is, a monkey has a tail and an ape does not. So a Capuchin is an example of a monkey, whereas a chimpanzee is an ape.

A family of Monkeys TogetherThere is around 260 species of monkey on the planet. They are divided into two specific categories; Old World and New World. The old world monkeys live in Africa and Asia. They tend to have turned down noses and their nostrils are closer together. They also have nails on their hands and feet like we do. The new world monkeys live in Central and South America and parts of Mexico. These monkeys have the prehensile tail that helps them grasp and is perfect for climbing trees. Good thing as they spend most of their lives in them.

Learn All About The Lovable Pandas

Our Kids Video Book About Pandas

Interesting Video Book For Kids About Pandas


All About Pandas

Children's Book About Pandas

The giant panda is a specific species of bear that lives in the wild only in the forest in certain mountain ranges found in China. In that country, the panda is the symbol of peace. Pandas are black and white and look different from every other species of bear. The fur on their ears, nose, legs, shoulders, and around the eyes is black while the rest of the body is covered with white fur. These unique markings make them difficult to spot in the jungle where they live.

The male panda is also called a boar and can weigh as much as 250 pounds. The female panda, or sow, weighs up to 230 pounds making it very similar in size to the male. These animals are usually two to three feet tall and five to six feet long. Most of them will live to be 15 to 20 years old.

Giant Panda Cub PlayingThese animals are very good at climbing trees. They also swim fast to escape predators. When they eat, they hold onto their food […]

More Than a Reality Show ~ Explore Alligators

Our Kids Video Book About Alligators

Interesting Music Video Book For Kids About Alligators


All About Alligators


Children's book about AlligatorsOther than being the main attraction on some reality tv programs, alligators are quite fascinating creatures.


Did you know they are called “living fossils” because they have been here for millions of years, yet they only have two species; the American and the Chinese?


Big Scary Alligator Looking AroundThe difference in the species has more to do with location than distinguishable features. The American alligator takes up residence in the south-east areas of the US like Florida. The Chinese alligator can be found along the Yangtze River, but perhaps not for long as it is now endangered.


Get to Know the Grizzly Bear

Our Kids Music Video Book on Grizzly Bears

Our Kids Music Video Book on Grizzly Bears


All About Grizzly Bears


Children's Book About Grizzly BearThe Grizzly Bear has been depicted on television and movies as a big ferocious beast with jagged teeth and slicing claws, but really this isn’t what this mighty bear is all about.


Grizzly Bear (Ursus arctos).This bear is the second largest land carnivore in North America and is very distinguishable by the hump on its shoulder. Its face is concave and its fur varies from darkish brown to light brown, cream to even black. It also has white tips on the end of each hair which gives the fur a “grizzled” appearance. And yes, it does have long claws. Each one is about the size of a human finger.


Grizzly bear portraitThe grizzly bear is a solitary animal and only […]

The Art of Gardening

Our Kids Video Book on Gardening

Interesting Video Book For Kids About Gardening


All About Gardening


Children's Book About GardeningAs long as there have been people, there have been people wanting to plant a seed and watch it grow. Over the years this has not only been a hobby, but a way of life for many farmers and growers around the world.


Different Kinds of Tools for GardeningGardening is an important resource for people. We depend on agriculture to feed us and provide us with the extras of life. For example, grapes give us, not only the fruit to enjoy, but the juice can be made into extracts, foods and beverages. The vanilla bean gives us rich flavor to be added to edibles and non-edibles (like candles and perfumes). Plus, where would we all be without the comforting flavor of the cocoa and coffee bean? I know I’d miss that late-night hot chocolate and my morning zing.