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Lily Liu


Profile Photograph of Lily LiuCHILDREN BOOK WRITING
Twilight Publishing
May 2013 – Present
• Creating Non Fiction Educational Childrens Books
• Assisting in Web Site Editorial Activities
• Part Time

Clifton Park High School, Clifton Park, CA
September 2009 – Present
• Developed and implemented daily and unit lesson plans for 9th grade, administered tests and evaluations, and analyzed student performance.
• Conducted group/individual reading, math and science activities.
• Fostered a classroom environment conducive to learning and promoting excellent student/teacher interaction.
• Participated in faculty and parent conferences.

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Jessica Lopez


 Profile Photograph of Jessica LopezPROFILE: Dually Certified Elementary Teacher Pre(K-6) with diversified teaching experience; a goal setting results-oriented instructor skilled at developing innovative written lesson plans designed to stimulate and challenge each student to learn, coupled with a dedicated commitment to providing quality education, seeks a position that will fully utilize both my experience and education while providing career and personal growth as an educator.

Freelance Writing of Children’s Non-Fiction Books for non-readers and early readers


  • NYS Permanent (Pre-K-6) Elementary Teaching Certification
  • NYS Childhood Special Education Teaching Certificate


  • The City College of New York, New York, NYMS Early Childhood Special Education…Conferred September 2006
  • University of Memphis, Memphis, TN Graduate Literacy curriculumSweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, VA BA English Literature…Graduated May 1991
  • Hunter College of New York, New York, NY 30 credits of undergraduate courses transferred to Sweet Briar College September 1988

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Jennifer Garcia

 Profile Photograph of Jennifer GarciaJennifer Garcia majored in Theater, with a Minor in English Literature at the University of Albany, and then continued on to get her M.S. in Literacy & Childhood Education.  She holds a New York State Teachers certification for Grades 1-6 and participates in the Teacher’s Network.

Although very much focused on her 4th Grade classes she has started writing Children’s books to enrich the lives of her children as well as help inspire parents, grandparents, and their children in building a lifetime of enrichment through reading and the English language.  Writing is bringing her closer to her children as they now have much more to share – which is especially fulfilling sharing this part of their lives.

She is still broadening her horizon’s and spent some time recently writing in the City Summer Institute this year.  Also doing a little after school teaching Phonics.    This about rounds out a very full schedule.

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Jasmine Williams


Tiara Jackson


Profile Photograph of Tiara JacksonTiara Jackson is a professional teacher and freelance writer and editor.  She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education / Elementary Teacher Education.  Tiara is also a Featured Contributor on the Yahoo! Contributor Network

Tiara’s professional time is mostly dedicated to her teaching and really tries to work with every child at their exact level on each subject.   She began writing to help show children how easy and rewarding writing can be and so has started with non-fiction children’s books.

Tiara has introduced a curriculum of IQ appropriate student programs for elementary school students at the Oak Bluff Elementary School.   She hopes to continue to lead into the future where school and learning can be fun and enjoyable when students can connect and relate directly with the level of material they are presented with.

Tiara lives with her wonderful husband and two fantastic children in Austin Texas.  She hopes to keep writing Children’s non-fiction just about forever.

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